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Wanting advice on new pool design please

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Hi . Looking to change existing ( outdated ) outdoor pool from present old-fashioned oblong design to a more interesting one full of curves, bends and shapes.

Also needing to make changes to pool outbuildings. Also redesign of our house-cellar pool and jacuzzi.

Having difficulty in finding reputable company who will take on the whole project, rather than just "bits and pieces" of the proposed changes. Even local friends are divided on best solution---they mainly favour specialist pool company + specialist jacuzzi installers + local builders for the adjacent pool buildings.

We still want one company who can design and build all parts of the project.

Any suggestions about companies who might meet our requirements. We are in Gard and have found nobody suitable in Uzes, Avignon or even as far as Montpellier. Have not tried extortionate Riviera companies but may need to do so soon unless anyone can suggest a company they have used and have been very happy with.

Any help, much appreciated. TIA.

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Hi Ron,  In some cases it can be down to what the company is registered to do, pool builders build pools not cellars etc so their insurance may not cover that work so they don't do it. 

Even specialist pool builders are last century in their designs, ok they maybe able to provide some curved walls but the way the water flows and the amount of energy used to achieve this more than is required in these Economic times.  A new installation can take advantage of all these benefits and run on around 90% less electricity than a conventional setup with far better water quality and lower maintenance hours.

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Merci Theiere

I fear that what you say is proving to be right----at least here in Gard. But I have not yet given up hopes that the Riviera will provide the right ( although more expensive solution). We are quite a distance from the Riviera but it looks as though a company near Nice might do the entire job ( and with 21st Century technology and design:)))).

But I still wish we could find some more local company.

Merci encore.........Ron Bolus

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I wish you Bon courage in your search but I doubt you'll find 21st century technology and design. I don't build pools, I build flow systems and as far as I know the most efficient in the world right now.  I am contacting the Guinness book of records to see if we can actually certify the fact.  My flow systems pump at under 7w per m3 /hour.

I know of a quality pool builder without the razzmatazz of the big ticket companies who maybe able to help you.  I will have to PM you the details as the last time the 3rd party intro was put on here the mods removed it, I have no connection with this person but I have seen their work.

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