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critter skimmer


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Hi All

What do you do about frogs in the pool... and all the other little insects...

I found this which via amazon.com will ship to france.


The problem is that they do a 9inch or 10inch and my pool is a 7.5inches inside/ 8.5inchs outside.

I did find this also on amazon.com which might do the trick but is less descret.

Swimline Froglog Tm


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I'm not too sure that SWMBO would let me have a Froglog

Our skimmers have an overflow at the water max high line, so as long as the level isn't too low they can get out, BUT they also use them as shouting posts and as they are at opposite ends of the pool it can get quite noisy [:-))]

We do get lizards falling in and I have found that if I leave something in the pool, such as a piece of wood, they will climb onto that. Most of the time even that isn't a problem because the floating security cover, or bubble summer cover is on and they can get out on that.

I would quite like one of those Froglogs though. I wonder if they come as the photo shows [8-)]

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