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Getting a pool, advice please (Theiere)


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...... Mrs ericd wants a pool and despite our house being 250m away from the river Aveyron, our daughters are on her side and I am loosing the battle very slowly.

I must admit knowing absolutely NOTHING on the subject (rather unusual .....) and would appreciate Theiere and others recommendations. Pool likely to be 7m x 3.5m. The rest is a big unknown.

I have read Theiere's replies concerning his pump only consuming €30 of electricity/year. What kind of pump is that?

Could you give me a list of recommendations for all aspects of this @#%&* project?

Many thanks.
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Ok a pool is just a water tank decorated in a way you like. It has a few holes in it to let the water out, be filtered and treated then returned via the other holes.

Clever part is the placement of these holes and the quality of the filtration and treatment.

I use a variable speed pump which is very efficient but pool equipment wasn't designed with efficiency in mind. The general setup relies on a big pump so the water goes where it's pushed no matter how badly it's all made.

I put together a very efficient system and that's where the savings come from, it's not just changing the pump.
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A fully insulated pool structure, sides and floor.
For your size of pool 1 skimmer would surfice, 2 is better.
A pool with round ends or angled is better hydrodynamically, producing less dead areas of water movement.
A good bubble cover, geobubble for summer and a good winter cover that keeps out the light and debris.
A filter containing Dryden Aqua AFM glass media and no (looky like products) There is only 1 AFM.
Variable speed pump and my plumbing setup (not giving out any clues in an open forum)
You could use Advance oxidation process and chlorine via either direct dosing or salt chlorinator.
A decent test kit.

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Don’t build it too big. We made the mistake of having one which was far too grand for our needs. Get a good cover. I can't advise on other matters as I have only the experience of owning one rather than practical knowledge.

If you are not permanent residents beware of not being there to get it all going in the spring; green water can be a pain to get rid of. It was lovely having a pool, but they are hard work, and as it got older ours began to get expensive. I eventually found a local man to help look after it; I think if I had known him from the moment we had the pool it would have made our lives a lot simpler.
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