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Can anyone recommend someone qualified to service a fibreglass pool, which i have inherited with the property we have got rid of years of debris just need the pump serviced and advice on use. the pool is guaranteed for 10yrs contacted the company there recommended serviceman is 4hrs round trip i am in Nerac47

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Nerac is midway between Bordeaux and Montauban. I have no idea who is around there but perhaps the location will help?

Hopefully TP, Theirie will be along with some advice, but it would help if you could tell us what kind of pool you have? Salt, chlor, etc?

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I can't help, far too far away from me. As for qualified, in france I am really not sure what that means, I am not sure what it means in the UK either.  Plenty of my colleagues are qualified but as the people teaching them don't know very much it hardly instills confidence.

Better to learn yourselves and save yourself a bundle of cash!

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THIS has been my bible as far as our pool is concerned.

It's a little elderly now, but as water chemistry hasn't changed much in the past few millennia, apart from the chemicals that Big Agro manage to get in it these daze?

As TP said, pool pros (?) are not trained like doctors. The pool shops around here know not a lot about water apart from javel and PH+. I asked for some sulphuric acid and was asked why? I said for the PH regulation and was told that I needed PH+ not sulphuric acid! I showed the bloke the bidon and what it contained. It was sulphuric acid! He had not got a clue. Ask about most of the other regulators for total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, etc and you get blank looks.

DIY and questions on here that will get answered is the way I would go if I were starting again me-thinks?

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Whatever you do don't run the pump without water in it for more than 30 seconds or so or it will burn out the seals on the pump shaft.

As you have never had anything to do with pools before JG it may be a good idea to have a look at this video

The valve is slightly different to ones that I have seen in that it has a Winter position, but it explains the working quite well. The second video in that series is a bit strange and just goes over the positions quickly? Not really worth the couple of minutes watching I think.

I assume that the pool is full of water? And not 1/2 emptied for 'winterising'??

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[quote user="jaspers girl"]hi

thanks will watch yes full of water

but i really wanted a professional to service and then answer questions we might have


Well I am a professional, so you can ask me. Sending a few pictures of your pool and equipment and then I can answer your questions better.

Regarding servicing your pump, the french way is usually to take your pump away for a week or two. do precious little to it claim it's knackered and try to get you to buy another.

Or take it apart replace worn parts that you can get and charge more for that than buying a brand new one!   Think I am kidding?

Pools-just a direct tap into your bank account...........

You can get far better help here and without the superstitious nonsense of the pool shop.

Over to you.

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Angie, you are very welcome. It isn't rocket science, but the way some approach it you would think it is. It is simple chemistry and it's a great shame that the majority of the so called pros here peddle it that way when they don't know diddly-squat beyond the very basics?

TP is an exception to that rule, but I would never tell him that [:-))]

When we moved into our house 11 years back I didn't know owt about a pool other than it was wet. I read that book, cover to cover, before we moved in and it saved me from a pool load of problems (I was going to say boat load, but??) I'm still a long way off bring an expert, but I know a lot more than a load of so called pros around here.

(definition of expert -- an ex is a has been and a spert is a drip under pressure [6][6])

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Clean the water?? What colour is it?

Possibly green? After the winter it will probably need what's called shocking. You can get the stuff for this from your local pool shop. It's called chlor shock. It's a fast release chlor, normally in large pastile type things about 3" diameter, but sometimes in granular form. You will need to get the chlor level up to about 10 ppm (parts per million) and leave the pump running for at least 24 hours.

I'm sure that TP will be along to fill in better than I??

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Hold it right there!

Shocking is a process and not a product, it is the raising of the free chlorine level to a point where bad chlorine compounds are oxidised out of the pool.

Any form of chlorine can do this but avoid the packaged products at least to begin with. Go to the Brico shops and buy 20 ltre biddon of Eau de javel.  You will need some pH minus as well and you can use hydrochloric acid from a Brico as well or pH minus in a tub if you are not sure about handling acids just yet.

Please tell us the size of your pool including the depth and also what are you using to test the levels of pH, chlorine etc in the pool. Is it a vinyl liner pool or tiled etc?

When you say clean the water, that's what the filter does given enough time so just leave the filtration pump running, if it is green as Jonzjob suggested then you need chlorine in it fast as you have now removed the cover.

Sorry for all the questions but we are just starting on your pool knowledge and it may seem a bit daunting but you'll soon get a grip on it. [:)]

NOTE: Never mix Chlorine with any acid, that would be very bad (very dangerous)

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the pool is fibre glass and has not been covered for years we bought a cover got rid of the silt and put clean spring water in as instructed by previous owner.  the pool is excel prelude 70 series C10P70342. i think it is 5ft x8ft

The products he left are

chlore choc 20g

chlore choc shock 20g

chlorent 250g

bayrol soft and easy tablets i think this iw wghat he has put in

augmentateur d'alcalinute

we bought yesterday in superu sos reilrapage

not used yet was not sure how long to run we have been running when we are outside?

can not work out how to attach photo

sorryhubby is at fishing comp and i am watch the footy

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Hi jaspers girl,

Your pool is 7m x 3.5m x 1.5m  around 35m3.

Bayrol soft and easy is a non chlorine sanitiser.

augmentateur d'alcalinute is bicarbonate of soda and not really likely to be needed.

I don't know what you bought in Super U I'm affraid so any more info would be useful.

One of the most important things is to get a good chemical tester.

I am not sure I know how to post pictures any more since the web people keep playing so good old fashioned email works for me [email protected]

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  • 3 months later...

Thanks for the help in the past the pool now is up and running just a couple of questions

i have been advise to put a large chlorine tablet in the skimmer there seems to be a lot of disagreement on this one ?

or to tablets in the container in the pool do i do this daily ?.

i run the pump over nite for roughly 4hrs and only put on in the day for cleaning.

round the sides of the pool is ingrain dirt which i am gradually removing with a soft brush  Fibreglass pool any suggestions?

thanks in advance

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Hi jaspers girl, dont put large a chlorine tablet in the skimmer!  chlorine tablet are very acidic, so when the pump is off (all day in your case we can go onto that later) that high acidic level is dissolving into the skimmer, the pipework and eventually the pump all causing premature aging of that equipment.  The tablets also dissolve too quickly that way (when the pump is on) They were designed to go into the3 floating dispensers cheaply bought from most supermarkets.  Don't forget you can still use the javel you have been using it's down to making sure you have sufficient cyanuric acid to help prevent the loss of chlorine from sunlight. Too much cyanuric acid is also bad and it's in most tablets you buy.

With fibreglass pools you have to be careful what you use as you do with fibreglass boats etc. Try the Magic sponges again from a supermarket, these work very well but are quickly used up so buy plenty.

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