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Well done everyone - why does everyone think we are upset about loosing 'free' healthcare.  I am not early retired but have not returned to work after having my second child - I currently have my own CV having worked here for years, but, it will expire - will I then be classed as 'inactive' and ineligible after paying in to the french sytem for many years!

And how smug are those living in the failing British system, for which they pay very little![:@]

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Félicitations !!

Good job ladies. Do his listeners understand the concept of  ' listening ' ?

Clearly many of his respondents hadn't listened to what had been said and

went off on a rant against ex-pat entitlement to ' free ' (ugh!) health care in France.

Maybe they're just as empty-headed as the vacuous caller from the Pyrénées.

Well done, a noble effort and good luck henceforth.


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Thanks for all your kind comments.  I suspect that a lot of the responses were sorted through before the show went out as they all appeared totally ignorant of all the facts in evidence!  Still, who listens to this kind of programme anyway?  Let's hope some other members of the press and a few politicians who get what we are really saying.
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In the end, everyone's entitled to their point of view, of course, and the reaction was hardly a surprise.

The follow up article about lesbian parents and AI is carrying on in the usual liberal tone.

Well done again.

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Well done Debs , just played the broadcast ( listened to the show for 10 minuets before I realised you can fast forward it .....doh)

Its a pity for those in the process of moving over now , we have friends moving into their French home in January.

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I listened to the show and tried to "pretend" I knew nothing of the details or backgrounds.  I think I can understand why some of the respondents  got hold of the wrong end of the stick.  It is a very complicated matter, extremely difficult to put across in a relatively limited phone call - congratulations to all who tried. [:)]

I think, too, that some of the listeners may have had in the back of their minds the responses of the people living in France on the programme from Paris.  The majority of them painted such a rosy picture of life in France that it is not surprising that people assume that they were all sitting in the sunshine round their pools sipping wine and enjoying French food.  [:D]

That image didn't chime with the worries about the changes to the health care system.

On a lighter note, it was good to hear the voices of people I have only read on the forums.Sort of brought 'em to life, really [;-)]

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Well-done Deb’s

We are all proud of you

Call me Machiavellian, but I found the emails too one sided

and a bit too convenient!

Maybe the someone who selected the emails is a bit P*****d off with having to revisit the


I’ve never heard that sentiment expressed from anyone back

home in such a venomous way


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[quote user="Cat"]  I expect they picture us all sitting by the pool sipping gin and tonic all day long [6][/quote]

What, Cat, you really mean to tell me that that's not what you do all day long?  Why else do you think I have moved to France for, eh?[8-)]

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