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Hi all

My family and I intend moving back to Normandy (14 ideally or 27, 50) early this year and need to find a four bed house for myself and my two sons aged 4 and 7.  My mother intends moving back also, so if I can't find a four bed house then a three bed one with a small dependence / other small property in the same village would be ideal too. 

Ideally we wish to rent for at least 12 months, giving us both plenty of time to sell our homes in Cambridgeshire, before buying once again.

My family and I have lived, worked and visited the Pont L'Eveque area for over twenty years and have so many wonderful friends there (French and also some English) - we can't wait to get back! 

If you have a property we could view then please let me know a.s.a.p. as I shall be in the area during mid Feb this year. 

I have read a few threads on here regarding awful tenants etc, who either haven't paid rent, wont move or have left places in disrepair!!  As a result, I have decided to offer any potential landlord ALL rent for the year or more in advance, if preferred.  Hopefully this will help provide some reassurance. 

The reason we wish to rent first is simply common sense to us, (yes I have found some at last)!  We have bought and sold many houses in Normandy over the years but this time I want to find my ideal home and STAY right there!!  The time is right finally, both professionally and personally. 

In the past we have bought properties we just couldn't resist whilst on holiday, only to discover it was too isolated or didn't have x, y or z, or that our DIY skills were seriously over-exaggerated.  I even recall one holiday when I dropped my mother off with friends in Lisieux, and collected her on my way through a week later.  I had pleaded with her not to go too mad with the shopping as there was so little room in the car, only to find she had keys to show me a property before we caught the ferry home.  She had already put a deposit on the house that very week!  [blink]You can imagine my shock but boy it was fun!  Believe me, after a few experiences like this, we have seriously learnt our lesson.  We are finally at a stage in life that means we can make that move, once and for all, and this time there will be no going back (oh god I sound like one of those sad channel 4 things), but I'm sure you understand what I mean.  This is a serious and well thought out plan for us and one way or another we will be back very soon.

If you can help in any way, please email me.   

A bientot Normandie,


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