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Good idea to have this section.

We moved over to a long let. It's the best way to find if you like somewhere enough to buy and you can do it at your leasure. We put the cost of the let into our budget and it was treated as part of our 'SKI adventure' (Spending the Kids Inheritance).

When we moved over it was to a 2 year let. The good thing about that is that you are secure for the term, but if you do find somewhere, as we did after 5 months, then you can give 3 months notice and leave. The 3 months is an ideal time because it is about the average time from the first signing for a house to buy to the final signing and getting your keys. It worked a treat for us!!!

We are now in our dream home and there was no pressure on us to find it as there would have been if we had come over on visits. I know that a lot of people find their dream just by coming over for 'flying visits', but I feel that the long let way is far more relaxed.

Which ever way you choose, good luck. There are a lot of long lets out there. We found our via a reputable agent. It may mean a little in their fees, but it cuts down on any worrying.

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I think that is the case.

One thing that you must get before you will be able to get the keys to a long let is insurance. We could not even get the keys to the house we bought without that. I would also assume that unless the property was re-let before the 3 month period was up your insurance would have to cover that time. There are others who post on here that will almost know more about it than I do?

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Hi there

After reading other threads that discuss the nightmare of dodgy tenants I have decided  that being a landlord is scary stuff in France and equally worrying for those of us who keep to our word.

I have read them with interest and can see why some property owners don't appear overly keen on long term lets (I could be wrong), and as a result have taken the step of deciding to pay ALL rent in advance, be that a year or more.  Hopefully this will help reassure property owners and help ease my search.

I'm looking to rent a four bed house in the Calvados / Eure areas and intend buying after one year...alllowing myself plenty of time to sell homes in Cambridgeshire and settle my boys into local schools etc.  If I can't find a four bed house, then a three bed plus dependence or even two small properties in the same village would also be ideal.  I am moving with my two boys and my mother is planning to sell up and return too.

My family and I have lived, worked and visited Normandy for over twenty years and we have many friends (mainly French and also English) living there.  We can't wait to get back!!  If you can help or know anyone who might then please do get in touch.  All help gratefully received.

Best wishes to all and I hope the original person this mail applied to has sorted out their difficulties with their tenants.

Best wishes and a bientot


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How we wish we had had this facility of the new section 4/5 years ago. Sadly, or perhaps more joyfully, we are about to move into our house having owned it for four years and having had a variety of tenants, all of them French and all of them, so far reliable and honest. Prior to that, in another property we had a couple and their son from Portsmouth who - as those long-term visitors to the Forum will know - absolutely trashed our beautiful townhouse to the extent where we a) had to take them to court to pay for the damage and b) no longer wished to live in the house ourselves after it had been so extensively damaged. NB I hope they are reading this - they know who they are! It is a risk, no doubt. If all else fails, recourse to the Huissier [bailiff] is extremely helpful but unfortunately one also has to acquire a good lawyer.
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