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E106 simplified.....


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This is to help people in the same situation as us!

We will be moving to france at the end of January 03, we will not be working straight away in France, we have have been working in the the UK prior to leaving for more than 3 years (The last 3 years is the most important)....so I rang the benefits helpline 01912187547, and spoke to a Lady called Emmie( very helpful) She said she would forward us some forms to fill in and asked us to send them back to her. The forms would be looked over and then posted to our temporary French residence in 2 months time, we were then advised to take the E106 to a CMU to get it registered. So if I technically break my leg falling off the roof putting the Satellite dish up, I pay for the treatment in full up front, and then ask for 70 percent to be reimbursed.

Hope this helps
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Hello Tim,

Whilst what you state is broadly correct the devil is in the detail and it quite simply is not as easy as you are perhaps implying. Emmie does not live in France!

Certainly the issue of E106 is determined on your recent NI contributions in the last 2 -3 UK income tax years. However with E106 you must actually affiliate with CPAM and obtain a social security number. CPAM is an organisation and CMU is essentially a piece of legislation. In this respect they are very different.

Apart from E106 you will need to provide proof of residence in France (for CPAM) This may mean a "carte de sejour" or the temporary document "recipissee". As you are not working in France CPAM may simply accept a couple of electricity bills in your name. But in the meantime if you fall off a roof you should either have private insurance or at the very least, E111, which does not require actual affiliation, and is available from UK Post offices.

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