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rental income and french tax


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Help!! [blink]  My husband has given me the task of sorting this out and I am afraid I'm a bit of an airhead when it come to this stuff. We have been renting out our house to a couple of friends for about a year. During that time we have relocated to Bahrain and are classed as non-resident in the UK. Our friends want to declare the fact they have been renting and so we have tried to also declare our rental income to the UK tax office. Unfortunately they don't want to know and have suggested we try declaring it in France. I know the tax year runs from Jan to Jan  so we are very late. Can anyone offer any advice as to what we should be doing in our present situation?

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It sounds as if you should declare the rent to the french tax people. But it's not straightforward as you have never been resident in France so wouldn't normally make a tax return there. I wouldn't worry too much about time as I don't think all the tax forms have been sent out yet. You obviously can't just pop into the Hotel des Impots, so I would write a letter to them and explain the situation. Some people might say don't bother but if your tenants are declaring it ....... Hopefully someone more knowledgable will advise you. Pat. ps you might get more replies if you posted this in the French Finance forum.
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It is actually quite straightforward - there are many others who are non-resident but have a source of income in France that has to be declared to the Fisc.

The Centre des Impots des Non-residents was in Paris (9 rue d'Uzes) until last August. They can now be contacted as follows:

Centre des Impots des Non-residents

10 ru du Centre

93463 Noisy le Grand

Tel: 01 57 33 83 00

email: [email protected]

They DO respond to emails (I've only tried emailing them in French) and I believe that they can put you through to an English-speaker if you wish. It would be useful if you can give them a numero fiscal from your Taxe Foncier or Taxe d'hab.

Once you exist on the system, you can then do a lot of things on line - eg your revenue declarations.



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