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E106 and Carte Vitale

Hells Bells

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We moved to France in September and I found out I was pregnant in early October. My husband is now fully registered with URSSAF and the other approproate French authorities and we received our Cartes Vitale a few weeks ago.

I had also enquired of Newcastle whether I would be entitled to an E106 (back in October) and they had indicated that I was unlikely to qualify. Obviously, last week I received my E106 which is valid until the end of this year.

Can anyone tell me what I should do? That is, do I tell Newcastle I don't require the E106 or tell the French authorities that I have the E106, or is this all likely to result in everyone cancelling everything and leaving me back at square one without any cover at all!

Any advice gratefully received


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When I came here my husband had already started working for a company and therefore was in the french health system. I never actually even considered contacting anyone in the UK for any sort of E form and I don't even know if they were doing them at the time anyway. I was just added onto his SS things as a dependant.
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