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Renting in the Saumur Area


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Many thanks to all who replied to my earlier posting and your advice to rent for a period before taking the plunge.  We are now in a position to start looking for a suitable property, ideally we would like to rent an unfurnished house within a village /small town community that has facilities, shop, doctors, etc.

So, does anyone know of bonafide agents we could deal with in this area for an unfurnished rental. Having never rented before this is all complete new territory.  What are the pitfalls, possible problems, etc.etc.

Also does anyone know if there is an ex pat community in this area.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

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I think you are very wise to take the advice to rent.  French house prices are not rising drastically at the moment, so this should not be a problem.  In fact my personal impression of the French economy is one of stagnation.

Once you are settled in Saumur it will give you an opportunity to shop around.  You may even find that you prefer another location.

Google Saumur location and you will obtain a number of appropriate url's to assist with your search.  Here is one to get you started: http://www.fnaim.fr/annonces-ville.aspx?immobilier=saumur&cp=49400

You can correspond by e-mail or telephone contact with the immobiliers, via their web pages.

Renting is not so expensive as in the UK and there appears to be a great deal of protection for those who rent.

Most/all rentals are unfurnished so you should not have any problem in that categoy.

Be careful with rural isolation.  You may be better to locate within the town or on the periphery.  It is all a matter of preference.  If you were to list your preferences the perhaps you will receive more appropriate advice.

If your French is rusty or poor, then start French classes right away, and/or start on the cd's and books etc.

I would recommend that you open a bank account with Britline/Credit Agricole or other as soon as possible.  I can recommend Britline for computer access and they have English speaking staff.

Living and Working in France by David Hampshire is a useful source of information.

I am sure that others on the site will give you further advice.




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