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Form E121 for disability and under pensionable age.


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Following on from my post about E106, I now have a query about the situation of my wife. She is 58 years of age and in receipt of DLA (higher level) and Long Term Incapacity Benefit. We have now decided to live permenantly in France after a short rental, and now wish to enter the French Health care System. I cannot obtain a Form E106, and according to Newcastle my wife is entitled to a Form E121 due to her disability. I now see on a recent posting that someone suggests only pensioners can obtain a Form E121. We have contacted Newcastle and are still waiting for an answer, as the wheels at Newcastle grind very slowly. Can you please give us a definitive answer as to whether she is entitled to a Form and if not how can we join the French Health system. Also how will it affect her benefits and will I be considered as a dependant.

many thanks


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Yes, your wife will be entitled to an E121 and yes, you will be able to go on the form as a dependant. Your local DWP should be able to send you the appropriate form, which you send back to them and then they forward it to Newcastle. Your application may, possibly, trigger a medical review depending on how long it has been since your wife's last review. Incap continues to be paid to your wife when in France, but I think (but not 100% sure) that DLA ceases when you leave the UK - these links should provide you with more information:



Whether Incap will continue to be paid after 2008 is another subject competely (see threads further down the page which discuss the proposed changes to the UK benefits system), but this is unlikely to effect your situation as your wife will have reached statutory retirement age by then.




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 the E121 covers you for 100% of charges in connection with the condition that makes you eligible for it


 but only between 35% and 70% (postings differ on this percentage) for other, unrelated conditions. 

The percentage refunded depends on the particular illness / problem.

So: if you are only covered for 35% for unrelated conditions, do you pay contributions to the French health service for the bit between 35% and 70% and then get a top-up for the remaining 30% or do you get a top up for 65%? 

You take out a top up that covers whatever part of the charge is not reimbursed. However as the system only pays, say, 50% of the "normal charge", but some doctors or hospitals charge higher rates than the norm you may need coverage that pays 300%.

Eg  Doctor Charges 300 Euros , normal Charge 200 Euros, reimbused at 50%.

You will get back 100 from the E121 coverage, and but only another 100 from the insurance if you only  have 100% cover, leaving you 100 to pay yourself.

Also, does anyone know what happens with children?  Do they go on the top-up too or as one person in France has told me, is their healthcare provided totally free

You add them to your top up insurance.

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if you type

complementaire devis

into www.google.fr you will get leads to loads of online "quoters".

Many of them require details , phone numbers etc for sale leads. However the Aviva (Norwich Union) direct site is simple to use and anonymous.


Click on Devis en Ligne

It also gives an idea of the various levels of cover.

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