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large accomodation required dept 34 (near Beziers)


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Our business has now got to the point were we need a showroom.  However, due to the nature of the business we would like to live on site.

I'm conscious of this forums rules, so for this reason cannot say more about our business. However, if you have accommodation which fits the following criteria and would be interested in offering us a long term rental (min 2 years) then please contact us so we can discuss in more detail.

2-3 bedrooms, easy access for lorries, secure storage and large entrance to storage area, ground floor garden or courtyard area which can be used for display purposes.  In Herault (34).

This probably means something like a maison de maitre or vigneron but could also be a couple of units at a domaine.  What we don't want is a unit on an industrial estate.

Any ideas welcome





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