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Energy efficiency survey

Nick Trollope

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Hi Nick,

I cannot speak about the French system but I have carried out what the surveying industry used to call SAP Reports and were often part of a residential survey and required by some mortgage lenders.  However, in the UK these are now carried out under HIPs and although I have not taken a Home Inspectors licence, I believe they are carried out by examining a number of elements of your home such as type of property (ie mid tce., det, flat) type of construction such as stone, brick, timber framed.  Types of window, boiler make, number of flues, water heating system, heating system, double glazing, number of windows, floor area, insulation blahdy blahdy blah.  When I carried out SAP reports I would imput all data found and a calculation would be made.  Under the new HIPs system property is rated from A-G.

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