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JSA Aude

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Why don't you remove all ciggies from the house, then you can't be tempted to just have one. The conscious decision to have to go out and buy  pack may stop you.

I had a ciggie the day before yesterday, pinched from a neighbour, just to see........ and it tasted vile and made me feel a bit iccky! I remember i did this when i quit previously, it seems to reaffirm that it was the right decision to quit. I think i am over the worst bit now, i hope.....it's still not easy, but i know 100% that i can succeed!

Just because you had a few, forget it, and carry on.  (if you end up starting again remember that you will only have to repeat what you have been through in the last few days! Not fun) What are you using?? Gum, patches or anything?


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Hi Louise

Thanks so much for replying, how long have you been trying.. Know it sounds sad but just thought I'd keep a packet in the house as a back up (haven't a clue why, but going to throw them away - tooooo tempting!) . Just hate the thought of going through the rest of my life wishing I could have one -  does anyone know how the feeling changes or does it just happen (miracle?!!!).  Keep up the good work, hope, yes!!, I can do the same.  I'm in the process of reading Alan Carr's book who advises not to use any substitutes so at the mo nothing else.  Good luck.  Suzanne


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Yes get rid of them! Only been trying a few days. I've only been smoking for a year, before that, i was a non smoker for a year and a half and before that I'd smoked since my teens and had never tried to stop.

I do remember that the feeling does change, i guess gradually though. I remember eventually i didn't notice or miss smoking, but hard to say at what time scale this was. Very rarely i had the 'ooohhhh wouldn't it be nice to have one' moments, but not often and nothing at all like the wanting i have for one at the moment!! But I guess it all varies person to person. Once you get past the first bit of getting the nicotine out of your system, it gets easier!

Main thing is to not start again! I remember thinking, when i started again,  it's only for a while and i'll be able to stop easily!! Wrong! (bit like the first time i ever had a cigarette!!)

Good luck, keep at it


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Ex professional smoker here! I sarted smoking at aged 14 and was on over 30 a day when I finally quit over 18 months ago. I was a serious smoker, I actually enjoyed smoking, it was like a hobby, plus I am a nervy, worrying angst-ridden type so fags were my solace, comfort and fallback.

I am sooooooooooooo proud of quitting, it was one of the bravest things I have ever done and no-one, no-one believed that I would be capable of stopping for good. I can also 1000% recommend Allan Carr's Book, "The Easy way to Stop Smoking"...............you are allowed to smoke while you are reading the book..............then you simply stop, no patches, substitutes..........nothing. There were many times when I fancied a fag but the sheer common sense of Allan Carr's teachings made me realise how stupid that would be and how much I'd fooled myself into thinking that smoking "helped" me with nerves, concentration, stress etc etc. There are NO benefits to smoking, none whatsoever.


1. Avoid people who are not encouraging and supportive, especially other smokers who hate the thought of someone leaving their "Club".

2. Listen to your breathing - I stopped wheezing within days - it's wonderful.

3. Accept that Day 3 will be the worst - spend all day in bed if necessary just to avoid all those overwhelming cravings at certain times of the day.

4. I carried a straw (the drinking type) around with me for the first few weeks, especially when going out and socialising - I drank with the straw, fiddled with the straw, and basically became a bloody pest with the straw but it gave me something to do with my hands! (Tip - don't drink spirits with a straw - you get drop down drunk dead quickly!).

JSA, if you are serious about quitting then I don't mind being your phone-support buddy and email buddy. I'll even post you my Allan Carr book - sorry to be so evangelical but quitting was the most liberating experience ever!!!! PM me if you wish.

Good luck


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Every day is new so if you sinned the day before, it doesn't matter.  After all, you smoked less than normal.

(Just take a look at our diet attempts!!!)

As for not having a fag in the house, it might drive me crazy but you know yourself best.  I don't eat chocolate but I like to know I could have a square if I wanted one and that a bar was snug in the cupboard.

Shouting my name....

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