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Long Term Let required,Limousin


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Honest,reliable adult couple,mid 50's seeking property to rent,min 3 months,preferably longer,from April/May. Nothing fancy required,just the basics.Water and electric would be nice!Most important of all,must have garage/barn to keep a rather expensive motorcycle in!!

Anything considered, rural/semi-rural,but not isolated,prefered.

References available.


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Thanks to all those that responded with offers of property to rent, and all the helpful advice. I would have replied to everyone,individualy,but this'ere 'puter thingy  took a turn for the worse,and major surgery was required. I've now removed the bandages,and it seems that it's made a full recovery!

It seems that I may be moving to Burgundy region,Chateau Chinon/Luzy area. I won't know for sure 'til April.


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