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Miracle Arthritis Cure!


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[quote user="nectarine"]


I think it is a total lifestyle regime to combat arthritis - food plays its part, supplements, complementary therapies and exercise.  Anyway, it is good to exchange tips and ideas - who knows, someone out there may find benefit from these suggestions and it will improve their life.


Nectarine, you are welcome. I hope your husband continues to improve.

I entirely agree with your view on fighting arthritis. It has to be addressed from different perspectives, with a whole array of treatments, provided they complement each other.

It might be worth pointing out, for those who live in France full-time, that many doctors find it normal to refer arthritic patients who are suffering, to a kinesitherapeute (physiotherapist). My doctor does this frequently, writes a prescription for 10 or 12 or 15 sessions. All this will be paid for or reimbursed if you are part of the health system (as you should if you are resident) 70%, and the remaining 30% should be covered by your top-up health insurance normally. There are many, many kinesitherapeutes in France, shop around to find a really good one (word of mouth is usually best). Some kines are also trained in osteopathy, but not allowed (yet) to advertise as such. There are some excellent kinesitherapeutes, and mediocre ones, like everything.


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I too went down the chrondroitin/glucosamine/MSM route in the UK, but still needed painkillers for an arthritic knee - too young for a replacement!

3 months ago the French medics put me on 'Chrondrosulf' 3 times a day. Fantastic, no painkillers since!

It's only supposed to be for knees & hips, but the rheumatologist also prescribed it for Madame's spinal arthritis a couple of monts ago, and it seems to help.


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We are back to WD40 again. I have used it twice a day for a week on my arthritic knee and must admit that it would appear to work! The other day, when it was raining,(when isn't it?) I actually found myself jogging across the car park to my car, (with no pain) something I could not have done before the WD40 treatment. So take it with a pinch of salt, or should that be oil?, there is something in it that seems to alleviate the pain!

So far, there seems to be no reaction from the skin, so I will continue and see where it leads me!

Has anyone else tried it and had any good results?

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