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Long rental carcassonne region


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My  mind is always in gear [:$]

Great everyone is coming , except Judith ( who I think should try hard to squeeze us in before she goes !!![:)]) and Dave whoes working .

Looking forward to it . Roll on sunshine ...................[:D]


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[quote user="Jonzjob"]We will have to ask the milk monitors if we can have a seperate section for all of us here in Audeshire?? Gawd forbid!!![/quote]

No, don't Jon - Twinkle's not in the Aude, she's in the Tarn so she couldn't join us!  [:-))][:D]

Let's just continue to hi-jack other threads to arrange our get-togethers . . . [:D][B]

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[quote user="Bannon"]Arghhh.... this part of the Forum is being hijacked![/quote]

Well B if you can't beat em??

I think there may well be room for you and J   S!! Being as you asked so nicely [:D]. It would be nice to see you both again.

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[quote user="Pads"]I thought you had to be back in England on the 15th so couldnt come ? Did I misunderstand [8-)] Dosnt take much to confuse me [:)][/quote]

Aha!  Pads- sorry, mustn't do this too late at night, when I should be in bed!  You are not confused, I'm just not reading the posts properly!  Yes, I'm out at Easter, and then probably not back until the summer.  Rather than hijacking further, I'll email you.

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[quote user="RicandJo"]

Quick update.......due to sign Acte on 24th [:D]

And I'm off from 11-15th May.  See y'all on 13th then.  The bar should be open at 1130 should it not?  [B]


Excitings times ...... congratulations ................. Looking for ward to meeting you . Do you know where Cafe  Felix is ?

Look below .... 29days togo


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