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watch out for this couple!!


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Just got rid of couple: they are Glaswegian; (sp) have been in our gite for 13 wks; owe us for 5 weeks and the electric: the gendarmies are looking for them as their car is illegal; no CT; insurance or carte grise and registered in another name;: At the moment they call themselves Martin: they also have 14 yr old son, they told us they had 1 dog; but 7 cats also appeared gradually: they had changed the lock on the front door; the place is a mess; we need new carpets; new bed; have to repaint and give good scrub everywhere: also left unmentionables in saucepan; could be old porridge; wouldn't like to say; half cutlery gone; saucepans all trashed:

Just watch out for them; we are in the Tarn district; but we th ink the will be off somewhere else

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From the moderators:

Please remember the forum code of conduct and more specifically the section which says

  • There is to be no

    'naming and shaming' on the site. If you have any complaints about

    particular individuals/companies then contact the relevant parties or

Further details to be exchanged off-forum please.

Thank you.

Forum moderators
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 One of if not the worst town in the UK for non payment of rent and Council Tax with thousands of court warrants issued each year is...... Glasgow ....over 20,000 issued last year.... I wonder how much this couple owe there ?... dodging paying rent and taxes is a way of life for some people

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