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Please help raise awareness of CANCER SUPPORT FRANCE ....with Causes on facebook


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[quote user="NormanH"]

I would recommend that sufferers also  support this charity, which raises funds and awareness of cancer here in the country which treats you
[/quote]Not just sufferers but everybody.  If it's not going to be you, it will be somebody you know.

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CSF provides support, not research AFAIK. Any English speaker of whatever nationality who has cancer in France can call on CSF for help with translation of documents, someone to go along to consultant visits etc. CSF staff have been trained by Macmillan. It's difficult enough to take in such info in your native language; it must make it more difficult if you're also trying to understand it all in another language when maybe still in a state of shock.

Stem cell research can make us alll hopeful, but at the moment organisations such as CSF provide a good helping hand.

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