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Short period of work back in UK -- Health cover

Albert the InfoGipsy

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I live in France and have health cover as an autoentrepreneur.

I'll be working in the UK for about 6 months, working for my own UK registered company. Therefore I'll be paying (as little as possible!) tax & NI to HMG.

I assume that what I should do is get a new NHS card at my UK address and register with a doctor. Until I get this sorted out I've got a CEAM (French EHIC) card to handle emergencies.

The complicating factor is that during the 6 months period of my UK contract I may well do some days work back in France, which I plan to invoice from my French AE business. In other words, I'll be intermittently working both sides of the channel.

Does anyone disagree with my assumptions?

Anything else I need to think about on the health front?

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As you will not be a permanent resident of the UK, AFAIK you would need to ask your Caisse in France for an S1 since you will be effectively "posted" abroad to work in the UK.

There is some information about it here


As a self-employed person I believe you are allowed to post yourself abroad and still benefit from cover provided by your home country.

If you simply work abroad during short visits, you can use your CEAM. The definition of "short" is not provided.

I don't believe you can register with the NHS since you would not be ordinarily resident, but there is some info here about being entitled to free NHS treatment as an overseas visitor if you are lawfully employed by a UK based employer


Good luck!!!

If it was me I would try to keep my visits to a minimum and carry the CEAM at all times [;-)]



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On a trip back to UK last summer I injured my wrist. On arriving at A&E I was asked for my name and DoB. The receptionist typed this into the system and asked if I still lived at ***, an address I left when I was 9 years old ! (that is over 40 years ago). I told her no, I now live in France. She simply asked for a UK contact address and that was it. No ID, EHIC, nothing. I may have been lucky but it didn't even seem to cross her mind that there may be an issue.

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With respect grayman anecdotal reports of incorrectly applied procedures are not necessarily helpful as there can be no guarantee, or even expectation, that they will be replicated in other cases.

I think by registering yourself with a UK doctor you would in effect be declaring yourself UK resident. An S1 from France would, I believe, also signal a change of residency.

As I understand it AE is only available to French residents so if you inadvertently set wheels in motion in UK which could potentially bring that into question the consequences could be far reaching.

I think tinabees advice about sticking with the CEAM is the sensible option, it will entitle you to the same level of health care and treatment as a UK resident - free at the point of delivery - so where is the advantage in registering with the NHS ?

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