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Kyphoplasty (ie in Fr)


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Mrs G had a fall at home recently and (to cut a long story short) ended up in our local hospital after several days of acute pain. Compressed fracture of a vertebra. She was admitted and spent 4 nights there.  Really good care (separate thread to follow on the funny bits!), but that's not the point of the thread.

She's been discharged and for the immediate future she's wearing a corset - in fact an elaborate brace to keep everything upright and taught.

Outpatient appointment in 3 weeks time (preceded of course by an x-ray) to see how things are. Apparently the plan is that if its OK, then no further action. If not, then the above procedure.

I've researched it on the internet and (think) that I understand the principles of it.  I was just wondering if anybody has any personal or indirect experience of the procedure?  any feedback most welcome.

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Thanks for all that Norman.

Mrs G's appointment is for the beginning of Sept, so perhaps we'll wait and see what the outcome of that is. Hopefully the brace will have done the trick and no further action necessary.  So far so good: the brace is more uncomfortable than the back pain.

If not though, perhaps I can interrogate you further over the procedure via pm's?

Thanks all. 

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