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generic prescriptions from sept 1st.


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From this month your prescriptions will be changed to a generic type.

If you want the original  specified by your DOCTER then you will have to pay and I believe you can claim back the cost from CPAM

Is this correct?I assume you will be repaid the price of the cheaper drug.


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I was listening to a piece about this on the radio the other day. There is no stated policy of enforcing a 100% switch to generics, but the authorities are aiming in the 80% range, where generics are available.The news item was triggered by a pharmacy that was deregistered for a month because they were consistently dispensing less that 50% generics when the other one in the town was hitting the 80% + figure. This is only the second time ever that a pharmacist has been disciplined in this way.

I used to work for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world (Glaxo), with a wide portfolio of patented drugs. Once a popular drug came out of its patent period it was usuallly cloned by one or more generic manufacturers pretty quickly. Glaxo were not happy about that, but I never heard any statements to the effect that properly manufactured generics were not as good as the original.

I am on permanent prescriptions for four drugs. Three of them I receive as generics, but the fourth is not available in my particular presentation except from the original manufacturer, so I get that.

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I thought this had been in place since July :

si vous refusez que votre pharmacien substitue un médicament générique

au médicament de marque indiqué sur votre ordonnance, vous ne bénéficiez

plus du « tiers payant » ni même de la transmission électronique de

votre feuille de soins.

Vous devrez faire l'avance des frais et le

pharmacien établira une feuille de soins papier pour les médicaments

pour lesquels vous avez refusé la substitution. Vous devrez compléter

cette feuille de soins papier avec les vignettes des médicaments

délivrés. Vous l'adresserez ensuite, accompagnée du double de

l'ordonnance, à votre caisse d'Assurance Maladie pour vous faire

rembourser. Le délai du remboursement sera donc plus long, compte tenu

du temps nécessaire au traitement de votre feuille de soins.


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Our doctor prescribes non generic drugs, but the pharmacy puts a sticker on the prescription 'replaced by generic'. They used to ask if we were happy to have the generic (we were), but don't ask any more. Some drugs are dispensed as the original, presumably because there isn't an equivalent.

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