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A thankyou to NormanH!


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We were shocked that for my husband's endoscopy in France he was given a general anaesthetic, as he's already had both E and Cs in UK under sedation in England, and couldn't remember anything about it at all - which is why everything is explained with the accompanying adult. He was so trussed up in bedding and straps when he was taken down for his E in France that I just laughed!

For the record, he apparently watched a lot of his colonoscopy being done, much as he enjoyed watching his angioplasty a few years ago.

Best wishes for your procedures, Mogs.

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Thanks to Norman and GG for your replies, I suppose I will be sure tomorrow after the A appointment.

But, if they give you sedation and an amniotic to take away your memory of it, how can you be sure it is actually GA???????
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The older

you are, or if you have a chronic health condition involving the heart, lungs

or circulation, the greater the risk of a general anaesthetic and that is why

increasingly older patients having a hip replacement are given an epidural and

sedation rather that a general anaesthetic. Whilst I have heard that they are

sometimes used for colonoscopies have never heard them used for endoscopies, as

without the patients cooperation there is a greater risk to the procedure.

I have

had five endoscopies in the last three years and each time ask for maximum

sedation, as the options are no sedation, light sedation, or full sedation. I

go privately so cost is not a consideration. Apparently, with endoscopies most

patients go for no sedation, just the anaesthetic spray to the back of the

throat, as that way you can be in and out of hospital within an hour and back

to work, with no restriction on driving or need to be accompanied, but rather

them than me!


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[quote user="NormanH"]In my experience in France it is always a general anaesthetic.

I had one last week (the 6th since I have been here) and I asked that very question because I don't really think it is necessary, and I would prefer not to have an anaesthetic if at all possible. However he was insistent.

You have to remember that Doctors in France are paid by the 'acte' so they are very keen to do what they can to maximise their income

In the UK there is more emphasis on what can be achieved on a budget.

Both approaches have their plus and minus points.


Interesting that you should think that. Norman. I don't think ti's so much to do with budgetary constraints as with the increasing body of evidence that general anaesthetic is not without its own risks. which can be avoided by use of other methods of sedation.

Otherwise, I can't imagine why my OH's consultant told him this, before performing  two separate catheter ablations, each operation taking over 5 hours, under local anaesthetic. In a private hospital.

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Hi Mogs,

I had two endoscopies one in Mayenne and one in Angers within a few days of each other. I was terrified as it was the first time I've been in hospital but the surgeon in Mayenne was quite the comedian he put a mask over my mouth and was acting the goat but within seconds I was out for the count and didn't know anything about what went on. Felt no pain during or after.

The one in Anger was also fine, I was given an injection in the arm and told to count the numbers down from 10 to 0 on the monitor. Needless to say I was flat out before reaching 0.

On the negative side, I think I came out of it too quickly or wasn't given enough or the surgeon took too long who knows as I felt the tube coming back up and started to gag. The nurse ran for some rather thick looking kitchen roll and caught my watery eruption in it - yuk. When I got back to my ward I found I'd gicked my pants - I was so embarrassed and got the OH to clean me up before anyone else was aware! So I have definately decided to wear dark pants (I was wearing white ones!) should I ever have to have another endoscopie and will probably wear some pampers!

and not quite finished I found a tooth had been broken I guess that was down to me gagging on the tube but again I felt no pain during or after.

Best wishes to you and if you've already had it done then I hope it all went exceptionally well.
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Thanks Knee Gel, sorry that you had a bit of discomfort & gagging, and your advise re the pants has been noted, especially as I'm having the other end looked at too. I think I'll take spares in just in case.

My procedure is on Thursday. I started the diet on Sunday so only 1 more day to go and then tomorrow evening looks like I'll have a date with the toilet.

Thanks to all other posters too, if anyone is interested I'll report back.
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