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Hospital transport - Pris en Charge??


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Hi everyone, I have an ALD and travel 150kms to my hospital in Toulouse on many occasions each year. Previously when I have submitted a "Etat de Frais de Transport", it has been paid without problem.

On the last 2 occasions they have rejected my claim stating the prescription was issued after the treatment. My last form was submitted on the day I went for an investigation under general anaesthetic (therefore unable to drive there and back, and no public transport available to arrive at 0700 in the morning).

I asked my GP for the form in advance and he advised it would be supplied by the hospital, I asked at the hospital when I visited the anaesthatist before the hospitalisation but they insisted it would be issued the day of the investigation.

Has anyone else had this or similar problems. I contacted the secretary of my specialist and she can shed no light on this problem either.

Thanks for any help.
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Just a thought - I have an ALD and every 5 years my CV has to be brought up to date. My doctor has to write to CPAM to say that I'm still alive and suffering [;-)]

To find out go to your pharmacy and ask them to check your CV.

If it's not to date you could lose your ALD cover.

Otherwise I don't know. Others will reply . Transport refunds are complicated in our experience.

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I don't understand the 'prescription was issued after the treatment'.

In my case I ask at the hospital during the consultation  and am issued a 'bon de transport' which I give to the driver.

He sometimes asks at reception for a 'bulletin de situation' too. Both these forms have to be correctly dated and shown as for example 'Aller -retour domicile'..

I have never had to advance any money.

On the other hand as I have now moved from 3 monthly to 6 monthly appointments the nurse said last time that I no longer count as 'suivi' (follow up) and so must ask my médecin traitant for th form in advance as 6 months now counts as a new appointment to which he has referred me, and so has to sign the prescription for transport

Perhaps yours hasn't heard of this and you have fallen foul of this new rule..

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Thank you both for your replies and for the great info as always NormanH. The "Bon de Transport and the Bulletin de Situation" were issued on the day of the investigation. I was requesting mileage reimbursement and not Taxi/Ambulance so only some 50Euros, but they have returned the forms stating they must be completed prior to the day of treatment.

I asked my GP and the hospital secretary when I went for the pre-op and was told it would only be issued on the day of treatment - but my Caisse returned the documentation saying it had been issued "post treatment".

I have contested their decision in writing so we shall see what happens, but it seems that using your own transport now (even though much cheaper to the state) is not being reimbursed.

I am going in for another operation in March so I am going to contact the hospital in advance to supply the Bon de Transport as I think I will have to use a Taxi/Ambulance for the return journey.
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Could you check at the same time to see if your Assurance Maladie in Midi Pyrenées are now insisting on the GP prescribing the transport in  advance?

If so they really should inform the Doctors.[8-)]

Another thought is to check up with the Taxi-Ambulance who takes you. They should know what the current situation is if anybody does...

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Hello Norman

Sorry for delayed reply but I am in oncopole Toulouse and my tablet would not log in.

My husband visited ram gamex re the "bon de transport" issue and they are adamant all claims must be pre dated before your hospitalisation.

Here at oncopole before I entered they said it would be issued on my departure.!

I now have a lady from the oncopole secu coming to see me in hospital on Monday and I hope to finally get this issue resolved.

I did write to the tribunal contesting my non payment but they seem to be ignoring me.

Once I have any definitive info I will post in the hope that life will be easier for others in the future.

Good luck to everyone having treatment at the moment.

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Must be regional then. I was at the ICM in Montpellier yesterday and my transport was as usual.

Another though though.

Is this a question of the  prior agreement that has to be obtained rather than the actual transport?

Hope your treatment is going as you wish.  Best of luck.

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I've found it seems to vary depending on which hospital I went to. For instance, Claudius Regaud at Toulouse always issued a bon de transport on the day of the appointment but the municipale hospital at Toulouse, Rangueil, I nèeded an "entente prelable" which has to be sent off to CPAM at least two weeks in advance.

I have an appointment myself at the Oncopole next week so hope I can ask for a bon de transport. Incidentally I am around 170 kms distance for a single trip, so don't know if the distance has anything to do with it.

All the best for your treatment and recovery after your hospitalisation.
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Thank you NormanH . All going well if recovery a little slow at the moment.

Re transport, previously during my cancer treatment all bon de transport (regardless of using taxi ambulance or own transport were issued on the day of treatment and my caisse paid.

The only exception was my 6 weeks of radiotherapy, for which I had a pre approval and again all paid without problem.

This time around whenever I submit the bon de transport for our own car, they are not accepting from rangueil or oncopole. When I leave hospital this time I will have to use taxi/amb and I will keep quiet and hope all goes well.

Mobs I understood if yoy lived more than 150kms from the hospital then this had to be pre-approved. I fall just under the 150kms limit but my caisse are trying to get away without paying for most things at the mo.

I will give update after I have seen the hospital secu lady on Monday.

Good luck with your treatment.

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