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Carte Vitale


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He will be covered by the S1 form. as long as he is in receipt of an OAP

He can ask for you to be added to his Carte Vitale as an 'ayant droit'

The card itself is only a convenient piece of plastic

The important thing is the paper 'attestation' that comes with it.

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Yvonne - it might be worth talking to the DWP in Newcastle before you move. I've always found them very helpful and they might (but I don't know) send you an S1 straight away, but with a future start date of your husband's pension entitlement, so you can start getting it into the French system straight away.

The French international social security office apparently has delays of at least two months in processing UK S1s, but I noticed on mine that it has a box for a start date (which is different from the box showing when it was issued), so they might be able to issue them in advance.

And yes, you should certainly ask for S1s covering you both.

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