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CPAM procedure with my S1?


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Can't sleep thinking what happens next? I would be grateful if someone could tell me what to do...... I applied for an S1 in my own right as I had been piggy backing on husbands E121, 2 of the same came in the post completed . It says take it to CPAM and send a copy back to UK. Errr now confused , so if I take both to CPAM will they keep one and stamp the other and that's what I send back to UK ? I can't get my head around the bit that says send the copy back to UK does something get done to the copy by CPAM??? Can anyone remember what they did, please. Oh and it says proof of residency may be needed , would our tax returns do as we do not have a carte de Sejour. Thank you. Anna
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I've just done the exact same thing Anna. I "forgot" to send in my S1 when I got to 65 so thought I had better do it tout suite.

No idea what they are talking about sending a copy back to the UK! I took mine into the local CPAM office and the young lady in there was most helpful. She asked for S1 form, copy of birth certificate, some ID with a pic (I used my old carte de Sejour). I also took along EDF bills and the usual rubbish even though I have had a CV for 13 years.

After a few days I got a letter asking for photos etc for new card + copy of driving licence (something with a pic again). A bit later another letter saying my card had been cancelled, then 3 weeks after the start new CV arrived.

They cancel your old CV straight away so make sure you have an attestation (download from the ameli.com site or ask in CPAM office). I only found out mine had been cancelled when it was refused.

Also tell your mutual if you have one as mine have not paid on recent visits to doctors.

Remember to make copies of your S1 as they will not send another one from the UK.

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Thank you very much for that.

The letter that came with my S1 states....

Take the S1 forms to the relevant local authority. They may ask for proof of your identity and residence in France. They will register the S1 form, keep one copy and return the other direct to the Overseas Healthcare Team in the United Kingdom.

Oooooo , now reading it again do you think they are saying "they" as in they will send a copy back to the UK??????

I get so scared doing anything like this

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Anna it will be sorted out, please believe me. Though it can sometimes take a while.

My first file was misplaced by CPAM and a second had to be created with 'new' S1s (that CPAM themselves asked for directly from the UK) and that caused a delay, but we got there in the end.

UK did insist on a stamped-by-CPAM copy of the S1 though.

Do make lots of copies of your S1 as you never know when you might need one.

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Yes, agree, photocopy several copies and keep somewhere safe.

The CPAM took both originals from DWP, one of which they sent back to the UK.

I thought I would be able to keep one of the 'originals' but they said not so I asked if they would stamp and sign one of my photocopies as a 'true copy of original' and they were quite happy to do that. I didn't want to risk them losing both originals.

From previous experiences, I actually took everything I could think of: passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, husband's death certificate, proof of residence. I can't remember what they actually photocopied.

It took about 3 months in all. I went in personally twice to check and each time she said it was being processed but the last time she telephoned and spoke to the person at the 'head office' . It arrived a few days after that!

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I was talking to a friend in France a few days ago about paperwork and the CPAM and they said that at the moment, they had heard of the CPAM insisting that they are sent original birth certificates and that these have gone missing....... complete denial on the part of the CPAM concerned.

Frankly, IF I needed to do anything with them, then I would go to the office dealing with it, even if it was quite a drive.

I do not like the idea of sending originals...... I remember a recent post about such a thing and what was the worry of sending it along with the expense.[blink]

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We went to CPAM yesterday (waited 1hr 40 mins!! For our turn) but she seemed very impressed with all the documents (thank you to everyone) accepted copies of everything and never asked to see an original. She also asked for a new RIB.

We even took new passport type pictures but said they would only be asked for by letter in a week or so after attestation arriving.

She did not want me to hand in carte vital and said I must continue to use it as in 4 weeks time we would recieve an attestation with a new number only then will the carte vital go non valid. Then within 4 weeks after that we will recieve carte vital. She said as soon as attestation comes we must notify new number to our mutual as reimbursement by them to us is automatic through CPAM triggering it off.

She was very pleasant and smiley as we were.
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Well done Anna you cracked it, not as bad as you thought!

They didn't ask me for originals either (including birth cert.)

I only wish they had informed me of the mutual needing the new number, never thought of that. Keep a check on your present CV as I used mine on 3 occasions but was not reimbursed so had to go back and ask for feuille de soins to claim back the payments.

By the way you can check on the progress of your new CV on the ameli website.


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