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I have been investgating the B 17. I have a consultation next Wesnesday in Montpellier. I also want to have a consultation with the Doctor Norman referred to who specialices in cancer nutrition.

If you get the seeds, they are hard,so how do you eat them? Need your advice.


If no one will agree to do the surgery and just take out the area around the tumor, I guess, it will just grow. Or maybe I will find someone to take care of my two dogs and leave this earth. I have several different plans of leaving. If I do my spouse says he will take care of the dogs, but I do not trust him.

I am so depressed. And then today, my spouse got a ticket for not dealing with a roundpoint correctly. I feel like I am in a trap.

My generalist gave me a test for TB as I have never had one. Cancer and TB are very similar. Who knows.

If I order the capsules what should I order?
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Hello Michal, I can't answer your first question regarding the seeds as mine are en route from America at the moment, although I have read somewhere that you can put them through a coffee grinder if you find them too hard, and maybe sprinkle on your cerial.

If your order the capsules on UK Amazon search for Apricot Kernels, the first entry that comes up is made by a company called Health Leads, with the attached information they confirm that the capsules are made from bitter apricot seeds, which are the ones that you would need to take. On French Amazon you will find the same company, Health Leads, if you search for Amandes d'abricots amers, again it will be the top entry on the page.

All the best.
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Just another thought Michal, if you would like someone to talk to about your situation in English, I would strongly recommend contacting the nurses on the Beating Bowel Cancer website, I found them extremely helpful and understanding when I was going through the whole thing. I know that yours is not bowel cancer, but they are used to dealing with people who have had their cancer spread to their lungs. I know that you would be telling complete strangers you personal details, but I found it very helpful posting on this very public forum when I was going through the whole process.



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I have seen many doctors at Val d'aurielle and they have concluded that radiation therapy is the only course to follow because of the emphasema. I have never had any type of biopsy. They have made their determination based on several different scans.

To date, the emphasema has caused me the greatest problem including a couple short hospital stays. In your opinion, is it possible to diagnose cancer this way?

The radiotherapy doctor said the total treatment time would be three weeks and pre-treatment time two weeks. Part of me is just ready to say enough. I just want what I need to be able to breath: inhalers, O2 and a nebulizer.

Compared to what you and others have gone through,

I feel embarressed about my attitude. I wish I lived closer to Toulouse but all the treatment is only a few hours several days a week so it must be in Montpellier.

I hope you are well as are the others suffering from cancer.

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I have to admit that I believed that the only sure way of knowing whether a tumour that is visible on a scan is malignant or not is by a biopsy, but you had a PET scan and that measures if there is elevated metabolic activity suggesting an active process such as cancer.

But I am not a Doctor.
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Bonne annee Norman and group!

Well, I was just released from Arnaud de Villeneuve on lundi after 7 days. Two and 1/2 of those days were spent in the ICU. Now there was an experience to forget if possible! I also went through the entire hysteria the hospital went through with the flu issue.

Norman, Yesterday I spent a few hours with Dr. Flori and the doctor(Boisielier) who is in charge of the radiation treatment that I have finally decided to do. The tumor is still small enough for this treatment.

The reason Dr. Flori is involved is that I now weigh only 37 kilo. I used to weigh 85 kilo.They are concerned about my ability to tolerate the treatment and that basically my body is using so much energy that only a tube will be able to provide enough nutrition for me otherwise my body could just shut down.If I recall, you and someone else had a stomach tube. Any advice?

Dr. Flori has an interesting personality. I asked if he recalled an English Norman and he wanted your last name. How is it going Norman?
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Thanks Mint.

I am now beginning to take some vitamins,etc ordered by Flori. He said that I should decide on the stomach tube at least a week before treatment begins.

I must go into the hospital for several days for them to put in a ballon and then see how I do on it. Apparently when I go home, someone will come twice a day to feed it and clean the area.

I personally, will have nothing to do with it. Also, my generalist who I saw today, offered to have a nurse with me at all times. I am really weak. Do not understand why someone did not catch the weight issue sooner.

Last night as I was drinking a bit of wine, blood started flowing from my lower lip. Scared? You bet! My generalist said my whole body could just close down.

Maybe I will not need to worry about any treatment.

Sorry to be so glumy. I see another hospital stay in the near future.
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