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Early stage alzeiheimers - future help ?


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Exactly idun.

I don't want to end up in a French care home, nor do I want to die in France.

My French is Ok, of sorts, but the question is how long to leave it before returning to UK (not a thought I relish) or going somewhere else.

My OH wouldn't consider UK, yet he doesn't speak any French so without me he's buggered. If he goes first, well, a tough one! But I don't want to stay in France.
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idun - my husband speaks a few words of french, and understands it quite well. But because he's dyslexic he has no idea of reading or writing it. So could never have coped with the bureaucracy etc if I died before him..
We were like you and your husband Mogs, and decided to leave - reluctantly - before it was too late.
The actual move, and the months building up to it, were very difficult. Wouldn't, couldn't go through it again. Still tying up loose ends now, after 15 months back here.

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