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Hospital bill despite carte vitale?


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On holiday back in June I went to Parthenay urgences for a couple of stitches after cutting my hand with a knife.  It was a Sunday morning and after a couple of hours I was stitched up and away having presented my carte vitale.
Now, 3 months later I've received a bill for my treatment despite having a carte vitale and a mutuelle and I don't know why.
I've contacted my CPAM in Gap and they said contact Parthenay which I've done by email but have yet to receive a reply.
Any ideas as to why I've been charged would be much appreciated.

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Is it a statement or is it a bill requiring payment?

Have you looked at your account on Ameli to see whether/how much you have been refunded by CPAM? And also checked you mutuelle account?

It is possible the hospital hasn't yet sent their bill to CPAM directly.
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Thanks for all your replies.  I'd not thought of the cockup theory but wondered whether I'd missed something on the day.
I've checked with my CPAM and they said contact the hospital directly which I've done; surprise, surprise, I've heard nothing back!
Next step is to send a further response, together with a copy of my CPAM attestation/Carte Vitale plus my mutuelle.
Thanks again.

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