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Professional couple seeking a short term and long term rental property


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We need one month rental (anywhere in France considered):

  • We are a professional couple seeking a minimum of a two bedroom property to rent for the following dates: 27th October 09 - 23rd November 09.
  • The average quotes so far have been around one hundred / to two hundred a week.
  • Must have internet access so we can work.

Summer long term rental also required:

  • Last week we signed up for a 6 month rent from the 23rd of Nov - 1st April 09 in the Lot thus, we will be seeking a long term rent in the summer months.
  • 1st April 2009 onwards.
  • Must have internet access so we can work.

Other details:

Proof of income

We are able to supply full proof of income to cover rent amount, plus excellent rental references.
We have a small dog who is hypoallergenic as my partner is allergic to dogs - no hairs. We have no kids.

Please PM me if you have a property of interest. Thanks so much, E

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