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It seems that the UK has now caught up with the sad toll in the rest of Europe


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Well obviously people die of other than the coronovirus, but at the moment those inflated figures are usually it.

Yes, the figures caught up. I couldn't understand why they had not done it earlier to be honest. That was why I questioned the figures a few weeks ago on here. I had imagined that they would be running parallel.

Also GB is a little island, as a general rule we are all living in closer proximity than many in France do, so that the figures are now higher did not surprise me.

I think that the second wave, or it restarting is going to be the thing, isn't it.

And we cannot all be in lockdown for ever either can we. We will  just have to learn to live differently, very differently until there is a vaccine won't we.

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I’m sorry to have to say that there are still incoming flights to Heathrow (not many, I’ll concede) from places that would be deemed (by any of us) as ‘dodgy’.

The passengers are allowed to exit the airport without any instructions, let alone enforced quarantine.

Remember at the beginning of all this when repatriated British citizens were taken to a facility in the north west of the UK for 14 days quarantine?

Quite frankly, I don’t get it. Why is this allowed to happen?

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Something I've wondered about.

It seems to be possible to identify which viruses are local and which are"imported". I think China was at one time specifying how many of its new infections were local and how many weren't?

France is clearly also able to differentiate, from what I've read. But I've never seen it mentioned in the UK. If they knew which viruses had been spread locally and which hadn't, surely that would settle once and for all whether travellers into the UK were bringing viruses in with them. Without evidence to the contrary, it seems overwhelmingly likely that they are. You'd think they would bring out figures to demonstrate otherwise, if they had them. If they don't, why not, since other countries seem to?
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Medical Advisor to the Scottish Government.

Medical Advisor to the New Zealand Government.

Professor "Lockdown" advisor to the UK Government.

Do as I say, not as I do!

What hope the rest will follow the rules?
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