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A comparison of Of the numbers FULLY Vaccinated in various countries


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NH, as ever thankyou for your live links.

The figures are more interesting when one clicks on the country links than just looking at these percentages. Gives the doses administered and how many have had the second dose. No idea how they work out that percentage.

Seems that France should have a pretty high percentage, taking into account their second dose administered to the total number of vaccinations.

I know people in the UK who have had both, but I shall be happy to get my first and have those extra weeks wait for the second. And I do believe that France should have been on the ball with this and getting people vaccinated........ just seems like basic common sense to start to try and protect the population ASAP.

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Without those percentages:

What I can say is that in France, only 1,615,914 people have been vaccinated once and 633,771 twice.

In the UK 14,524,474 have been vaccinated once and 537,715 twice.

And Italy, well, they have done well in some ways........ 425,750 one dose and 1,281,999 twice.

All these countries with over 60 million populations.

None of us can have the second dose without having had the first, so that first one is very important.

And how do they work out those percentages, I have played with the figures and cannot work it out. Maybe on population size, but I cannot find the figures they have used and that doesn't work with the USA, confused.[Www][8-)]

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There has been a fantastic effort by the NHS in the UK to reach people with that first dose.
I saw a short video on the French TV programme I watch most days in which people were being vaccinated in Salisbury Cathedral and sports centres etc.

There has been nothing like that in France, where the policy has been different

As I said on another thread

There is a legitimate discussion to be had about whether to give a

single dose (as seems to be

preferred in the UK) or whether to ensure that the target group  will be

able  to have both first and second  injections at the recommended


The French authorities seem to take

the second approach erring on the side of caution and respecting the

manufacurer's protocol,  while in the UK the strategy seems to be to

reach the maximum number  with at least one shot, possibly preventing

the most serious effects for as many as possible."

My intention in posting a link to this site was to give access to what seem to be viable numbers so one can judge for oneself.

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I feel very lucky to have had 1 dose of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine 5 weeks ago, also my husband, my 88 year old brother, neighbours and friends. It happened several weeks before I thought we’d be invited to attend for vaccination and I and they are perfectly content to wait up to 12 weeks for the second jab.

Some friends in other areas had the Pfizer jab and have had 2 doses.

None of us has gone out and about more than BJ (before jab!) nor intend to after our second, and we all stay at home apart from medical visits and exercise, with a few going to the supermarket once each week - the rest of us are very lucky to have home deliveries.

We think we’re very fortunate to have had any vaccine and hope that everyone else will have theirs asap. It really has been a little ray of hope that there will be an end to this terrible pandemic and that everyone can meet again and hug - oh, how I wish I could hug our young granddaughters very soon!
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[quote user="NormanH"]
Looking at the UK figures it could be the % of the population


Learn more about vaccines ›

Doses Administered


People Fully Vaccinated


% Fully Vaccinated


539,630 is a bit less than 1% of the population  68 million


NH, Yes, that is what I thought, it must be the full population.

And in this case, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE FIRST VACCINATION, otherwise the next one won't be the second one.

So yes you have to have the first half of the loaf. The question here is the difference in efficacy when getting the second done sooner or later.

We shall see won't we, but I would rather have my first half of my loaf next week, than have to wait months for it, is that just me?

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