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Pfizer has still not delivered 10 million doses of Vaccine


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[quote user="NormanH"]
Part of the explanation for the lack of appointments available in France  is here:


It is interesting that all the 'information' is from an E.U. source. There can be little doubt, at least in my mind, that the main reason, if not the whole is that the E.U. messed up big time in ordering vaccine. There are countries within the E.U.; still Insisting that the Astra Zeneca vaccine is of no use to over 65s, absolute nonsense of course and the Germans are desperately backtracking on that claim. Unfortunately Macron hasn't, at least yet. I , and many others have been refused a vaccination of the AstraZeneka because we are 'too old'! Put the delay by the E.U. (solidarity!!!) and this nonsense about AstraZeneka together and I think it is a much better explanation as to why the vaccination roll out is pathetic here.
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[quote user="anotherbanana"]They really do need a cattle prod in a very painful place. What a bunch of incompetents![/quote]

Both doctors and pharmacists can administer the 'flu vaccine, and do so to thousands of people every year. What the hell is the problem?

Who came up with the daft idea that everyone is forced to answer questions from a doctor before being allowed to get a Covid jab?

Why can't they just send a prescription to everyone, and tell them to present it to their pharmacy when their age group becomes eligible, together with a doctor's note if they are in a vulnerable group?

If people want more information they can phone their MT.

It seems no-one can make any decision without specific and minutely detailed instructions from Paris, which in turn have to be made by a series of committees and consultations, so that no single individual ever takes responsibility for anything.

Is this a function of the education system here?

The main hospital in Carcassonne, where we had our first jabs, has only one vaccination station, manned by two receptionists, one doctor, and two nurses.
They vaccinate one person each ten minutes, open at 8am and close at 4 pm.
So each day they treat 48 people.
This is one of  9 centres in the Department, so if they each manage to treat 48 people every day, with a population of around 380,000 they will get it done in about 2 1/2 years.

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Whatever the system,  people can't be innoculated  if the vaccine that was ordered and paid for hasn't been delivered as stiplated in the contract.

And despite all the hysteria about vaccination here,  so far the number of deaths per million population is higher in the UK (1787) than in France (1301)

and yesteday there were  548 new death in the UK and 431 in France

This may well change  with the arrival of the new variants.

I cite this data simply to counter the unsubtantiated accusations of incompetence being  thrown around.

I deplore ALL the deaths in both countries, and salute the genius of those who have created these vaccines and devotion  those who are battling to deliver them.

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While I understand the thought that pharmacists could easily administer the vaccine, the problem is the storage of the Pfizer vaccine. The Astra Zeneca one could be easier to store but Mr Macron, he say no. Still, we have a RDV for next week, lets hope it doesn't get cancelled.
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Here is a table in LeFigaro which shows who is eligible for which Vaccine:

This part is interesting as is the fact that as long as you are born in 1946 you count as being 75 even if you  haven't had your birthday yet this year

Le paradoxe des 65-74 ans

De 65 à 74 ans,

vous ne pouvez pour le moment vous faire vacciner que si vous

appartenez à l'une et/ou l'autre des deux catégories prioritaires: vous

êtes porteur d'une pathologie vous exposant à un risque de forme grave,

ou vous êtes un professionnel de santé ou du secteur médico-social, aide

à domicile ou sapeur-pompier. Dans ces deux cas, vous pouvez recevoir

les vaccins Pfizer/BioNTech ou Moderna, les premiers en centre de

vaccination sur prescription médicale de votre médecin, les seconds dans

les mêmes centres sur présentation d'une carte professionnelle ou sur

le lieu de travail.

Paradoxe de cette campagne:

alors que les 50-64 ans en bonne santé générale peuvent espérer se voir

proposer le vaccin d'AstraZeneca si leur médecin dispose d'une dose

destinée à être jetée, leurs aînés, eux, n'y peuvent pas prétendre:

l'autorisation de mise sur le marché de ce vaccin ne concerne que les

moins de 65 ans, les données d'efficacité n'étant à ce jour pas connues

pour les plus âgées.

Après 75 ans, priorité absolue

Si vous avez plus de 75 ans,

quel que soit votre lieu de résidence et votre état de santé vous

pouvez prétendre (sous réserve d'obtenir un rendez-vous...) à recevoir

les vaccins de Pfizer/BioNTEch ou de Moderna, en centre de vaccination

ou au sein de l'établissement qui vous héberge. À noter: il n'est pas

nécessaire d'avoir 75 ans révolus pour accéder à la vaccination, être

dans l'année de vos 75 ans suffit (en l'espèce, être né en 1946).

*Comorbidités à risque:

obésité (Indice de masse corporelle (IMC) supérieur 30),

broncho-pneumopathie chronique obstructive (BPCO) et insuffisance

respiratoire, hypertension artérielle compliquée, insuffisance

cardiaque, diabète (de type 1 et de type 2), insuffisance rénale

chronique, cancers et maladies hématologiques malignes actifs et de

moins de 3 ans, historique de transplantation d'organe solide ou de

cellules souches hématopoïétiques, trisomie 21, et diverses maladies

rares listées
ici .

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Being eligible for a jab and actually getting it are two different things of course. Now, we are told GPs are going to be able to vaccinate! I saw my GP yesterday on an unrelated subject but of course vaccinations were discussed. He is quite disgusted at the shortage of vaccine and has no idea when vaccinations will be carried out.

It really is an absolute shambles the E.U have made of it. That member countries are going along with it is even more incredulous. Will people in Europe wake up to the fact Politicians are letting many die because of the Astra-Zeneca fiasco? Probably not as coverage of the issue is at best scarce.
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Being eligible for a jab and actually getting it are two different things of course.

Ah, indeed, never a truer word.  As for the over 75s being absolutely able to get a vaccination, it does say where you live.  So, no trying to get it in another département then even if there is a centre just over the border from yours.

Still, I was actually quite dizzy with excitement when I actually got to speak to a PERSON in Périgueux.  Until yesterday, no can do on line and certainly no can do on the phone as there is never other than a recorded message telling you to ring "ultérieurement".

Anyway this person was actually perfectly pleasant and said to ring in March.  When I ask, can I not make a RV (bearing in mind, I wasn't even asking for myself but for my OH), even if it is weeks away?  She said no but do ring back in March.

With that I had to be content but, hey, speaking to someone is "progress", non?

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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]France is really in the dodo.

30 k new cases yesterday. So basically we are at where the UK was in Novemeber.

Oh yes...and no vaccine policy.

If you put 20,000 people in a conference room in front of Macron and said to him...'this is all the people you would save if you lockdown'

Macron is hung up on Brexit, hence the refusal with Astra-Zeneca. He doesn't seem to worry that his own population are suffering needless death due to his dislike of Britain. As for the 20.000, I think he would let them catch the disease. After all he has an election to fight and lockdowns are not good publicity !!

Would he lockdown ?[/quote]
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Bad outbreak round here, the Nord Pas de Calais, with hospitals overflowing. One wonders why? Holidaymakers, too soon but definitely spreaders; wind direction blowing the virus this way, dunno. Definitely slow vaccine response; arrival of refugees in the camps round Calais, Dunquerque, doubtful.

But, a new explanation for the fleet of rubber boats trying to cross the Channel is that those poor folk are trying escape the French peste and get to UK where they will be greeted by a person in a white coat with a needle, even if it is a vaccine which does not work in France!
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Well, well, well.  What goes around comes around.

It would appear that the 'British variant' of the virus is about to bite Macron and Merkel on their asses as it continues to accelerate and spread across France and Germany.

They should have gone to Specsavers then perhaps they would have been able to read the Scotish data on the safety and success of the AZ vaccine.

It would seem Austria has read the report as they have decided to reverse the decision to not offer AZ to over 65's and will do so from now on.

Full report HERE (Guardian lovers will need to swallow their pride.)

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I'm not too sure Guardian readers have any pride! I have yet to find one who will knock anything about the the left or the E.U.

Promotion of socialist views, whatever the cost, seems to be their aim in life, even, as in Macron case it costs lives!
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