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2nd jab a 12 week wait in my old village


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The UK column is owned and run by a conspiracy theorist called Grealish. He has appeared on several US chat theorist shows and if someone is into conspiracy nonsense then I suppose what his column displays is o.k.

He uses strong and emotive half truths that suit some people and the fact that some have died after being vaccinated is right 'up his street'.

However, if the real facts and statements from recognised scientists and organisations such as the WHO and the E.U. health panel are read then it puts into perspective the UK column!! Each to his own though I suppose. I just wonder where the countries that are suspending AZ are getting their advice from, it's not scientists and the E.U. or the WHO; so who?
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The World Health Organisation (WHO), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have all made it clear there is no link between the vaccine and blood clotting, and there is no credible reason to withhold the jab. In fact, the incidence rate for those vaccinated is actually lower than the general population…
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Mrs G had a pulmonary embolism some years ago.

It was treated very seriously and (after diagnosis) she was in hospital for a week or so while they waited for the blood clot to disperse and they got her blood ‘thickness’ to where they wanted it to be.

She remains on medication and we monitor things with a monthly blood test.

My point about all this is that it’s a serious condition and not to be sneezed at, but perfectly treatable. Relatively common too I believe. Neither Mrs G nor I have any concerns about having the AZ vaccination, despite her previous problems. My guess is that all this fuss is 2 + 2 = 5, but I’m not a doctor.

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"Listen to the science..."

Wasn't it the "science" who ran the trials and got the approval using 3-week intervals ? So why suddenly change to 12 weeks apart from being able to half-vaccinate more people?

Also look at the trials, 4000-something guineapigs, of whom half only had a placebo, so 2000 people actually got the jab, of which there were no pregnant women (or men !) and few in the older age group.

All adds up to rush job.

I want to get my vaccination, but I'll wait until Pfizer becomes available for me.
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Yes, I would have the AZ vaccine too, if it was offered to me.

I found the letter sited in the article interesting too, along with the names at the bottom of it.

A bunch of conspiracy theorists?  Certainly possible.  I'd still like to hear answers to most of the questions that were asked and not answered.

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Given there are, on average, 30,000 annual deaths due to road vehicles in the EU, can we now look forward to European governments to halt all driving whilst data is compiled and scrutinized as to why these figures are what they are, based on a population of 750 million.

Let's not lose sight here that since the beginning of the pandemic 2.6 million people globally have been reported dead as a result of covid-19.  How many are likely to die from blood clotting disorders which may or may not be attributed to covid vaccination with AZ. How many are likely to die through lack of access to a covid vaccination? Is Pfizer, Moderna, Sputnik or Johnson & Johnson risk-free?

Meanwhile, because of the appalling Eurocratic errors in the vaccination programme rollout, deaths and the threats of further lockdowns continue to rise. I certainly am more than satisfied that my immune system is building up a resistance against covid reaction, if caught, following my AZ vaccination last week.

Make your own minds up.

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The 'suspension' of the OxfordAstra vaccine is purely and entirely POLITICAL - no other reason.
The eu has made terrible mistakes - it is the ordinary people who will and are suffering - not the eu bods.

Can I suggest to those interested to check out the figures for the Pfizer - they are HIGHER; the incidence of blood clots is 78 to the OxfordAstra 33.....

So ask yourselves what the hell is going on.   The eu has been incompetent; it hates the fact that the UK has successfully produced a vaccine, it is being offered at NO profit; it is being offered to the world, and the UK has already donated millions of this vaccine to the international COVAX aid.
Again - please go and check official reports - don't take my word.

But remember; the eu has its own pharma interests;  the Pfizer is more expensive - and Pfizer MAKES A PROFIT from every dose.   As will Sanofi (ha, ha, ha, ha... whenever).

Follow the money;  always a good motto.

Am I cynical - who me.  Do I think the eu puts ideology ahead of moral behaviour - who me ?  Never.... !!!!

(Not likely to have vax for months and months and months; thinking of hiring an inflatable to cross the English Channel - as an 'illegal' I'd be top of the list....!!!)

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I had read that about the Pfizer vaccine too Chessie.

Again today more countries are suspending the AZ vaccine.  It is hard for me to imagine the EU is doing this for political reasons.  Yet, there don't seem to be any other understandable reasons.  Is there something they are not telling us?  Because, at this point, if they have no other reasons than the 33 instances, they will have blood on their hands.

What are they telling people who have had their first AZ vaccine and are due for their second?

What type of  'investigation' is being done and by whom?

As Wooly said (I think it was Wooly) they have had to get these vaccines developed and manufactured in break neck speed.  And it does seem that there have not been THAT many side effects, considering the number of people who have taken the vaccines, at this point. 

I'd still like to hear more about the clinical trials and studies.  It is a bit concerning that our MT feels the roll out has been too fast with not enough studies having been done yet.  In effect stating that we are human guinea pigs who have no idea what, if any, future side effects of the vaccine there will be.

And again, no one (gov't or health authority) seems to have said what is happening to the AZ doses they are sitting on.  If it is all experimental (all the vaccines I mean), then why not give the AZ one to those who are willing to take it.  Cause, I'd be willing to bet they would have takers for every dose they have.

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As I understand it, the U.S.A. is using vaccines manufactured in the U.S.A.



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Listened to a talk from an epidemiologist who also took part in the AZ trials.  The vaccines, including the Pfizer were brought into use very quickly because of international research efforts, combining results rather than competing, and because the trial results were so good, they brought it into use whilst the final stages of the trial were ongoing .. simply because the need was there ... and I believe the results from the UK already show what a good impact it has had on both reducing spread and reduction in severity if the virus did strike ..

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[quote user="Judith-aka-Judith"]... and I believe the results from the UK already show what a good impact it has had on both reducing spread and reduction in severity if the virus did strike ..


Same for Israel which used primarily the Pfizer vaccine.

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The head of Italy’s medicine regulator AIFA, admitted today that politicians had come under pressure to suspend AstraZeneca vaccines after Germany and France made similar moves.

‘We got to the point of a suspension because several European countries, including Germany and France, preferred to interrupt vaccinations. The choice is a political one’, Magrini said in an interview with La Repubblica.
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I spoke to my son this morning and it is a good job he had not heard this latest news, because I would have listened to a never ending rant, with expletives thrown in for at least half an hour....... and being unable to get a word in.


It feels like it, and the way it has been addressed to make people fear having this one, will be putting their lives at risk through COVID.

AND, Covid keeps mutating and until we get on top of it and everyone vaccinated, then it will continue to mutate.

Is there an independent web site that compares side effects between all the vaccines currently available? Including what percentage of problems compared to the amount given.  I haven't found one yet.

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Idun - OK - I'm sorry - it's the Daily Mail - but their story today quotes figures from the UK's health agency comparing figures for the OxfordAstra and Pfizer.


You could also try the Lancet, the BMJ.

Seems there is now talk that the eu has deliberately done this - not just because it is the UK, though that was the original reason -
but there is now 'chat' that because the eu invested in developing the Pfizer, and the Sanofi (huh) - that there is money to be made in profit from the more expensive Pfizer.

Oh - here's something else that more people should be aware of -
in a Financial Briefing - money side of this appalling betrayal of european citizens -
listen to the CEO and finance bods of Pfizer -
planning how they will make billions out of the vaccine because this chinese virus will become -
endemic (ie like the flu)

rather than a pandemic as it is as the moment.
I've always said - 'Follow The Money' - and this stinks to high heaven.

Not sure how I can put a link with a video download -

I'll get back on here when I've managed it - but it is eye opening - and it is a financial briefing, not a conspiracy site or anything else - straightforward 'business'..
And I was disgusted.
Might take me a little while !!

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I downloaded this - but not sure how I can copy and paste the link. 

But if you type into Google the heading below - you should arrive at the YouTube video.

In fact, having listened to it again - it is something everyone should hear, should be aware of - how a big pharma company is planning to make billions out the PFIZER vaccine.

And the UK and Oxford University are providing the OxfordAstra at COST - no profit;  have already donated millions of vaccines to COVAX the international aid for distributing the vaccine - and allowed the patent to be distributed worldwide for FREE................
Then listen to this video -  and pass on the information.
And it reinforces my belief that no-one should accept the Pfizer - no-one; not when we have a cheaper, safer alternative - and not just because it is British...........
But make your own minds up.
But do listen to it .  - here's the heading -

Krystal and Saagar: Pfizer Execs Explore How To Profit Off Future Vaccines


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I've down some more 'delving' into my PC -
this might be a better link -

An interesting report from two good journalists below. Pfizer are

looking to make massive profits in the future from the COVID vaccine.

AstarZeneca are making it at non profit costs, and therefore a threat to

Pfizer and other big Pharma companies. It would be interesting to know

if Pfizer have provided political donations to parties or politicians in


Krystal and Saagar: Pfizer Execs Explore How To Profit Off Future Vaccines


Pass this round to everyone you know... might open their eyes.
Anyway, make up your own minds - knows what I thinks,

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I often read the comment that people would prefer or would indeed wait for a couple of years so that the vaccine could be proven to be safe.

These same people never come up with solving the conundrum that in the meantime millions may die.

It does seem that most here would indeed have the AZ vaccine if it were to be offered, including me.

I think, that unless there is an absolute disaster, the U.K. has shown the way gloriously and I do think, as some have said; that this AZ fiasco is simply political and the lives of europeans are simply pawns in the game that Macron and Merkel are orchestrating.
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I can fully understand that people want the cheapest, but safest vaccines and feel, as in the case of Pfizer, that profits appear to come before people's health.

Unfortunately without the 'profit' incentive then companies can't fund very expensive research programmes.

I think I'm right in saying the UK government (i.e. the tax payer) funded the research and development in partnership with AZ.

Maybe there is some halfway house regarding how much profit should be made but certainly without the financial incentive companies wouldn't be able to fund research and that would mean no vaccines!!!

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[quote user="Ken"]I do think, as some have said; that this AZ fiasco is simply political and the lives of europeans are simply pawns in the game that Macron and Merkel are orchestrating.[/quote]

I do hope people remember this come voting day.

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