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if you are fussy about which vaccine you want....


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Yes, I do realise that, for most of us, the vaccine we choose is the one we are offered.  But for those concerned about having a choice, here is an article to explain how to go about it:


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This article is OK but nothing more.......  it also means that there will probably be a

longer wait for those 'choosing' and we all need vaccinating NOW.

Maybe these journalists should be screaming from the rooftops that unless everyone

gets a vaccination immediately then Covid could go through several

mutations, the result being back to square one and none of us would have any immunity. And this could happen, because no one knows what will happen if we are not all immunised ASAP.

There are plenty of medecines these days, that have 'death' indicated as one of the side effects, and yet, I would suppose that 'I' like most other people simply get on with it, as the hopeful good effects will far outweigh the side effects.

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I only wanted Pfizer, not trusting the AZ for many reasons and certainly not wanting a clot or even feeling like a clot.

I found it quite easy to find a fairly local (35km) centre and we had our 1st jabs last week and the 2nd jabs will be 3 weeks from now.

We could have had AZ at the local pharmacy, there appear to be be plenty of that vaccine.

I think it's great to have a choice and I'm grateful that things seem to be "ramping up" (don't you just love these over-used terms? No, I don't either). At least it's not "world beating".
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It's good that people who feel strongly about the choice of vaccine (such as sid here) can have a say as to what is injected into their bodies.

I'd rather that than people turning away because they don't want the one on offer.

For myself, I didn't really mind which one, only that I was desperate to have one.  As it happened, it was the Pfizer but any of the others would equally have felt like winning the lottery after the weeks and weeks of trying for an appointment.

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What has struck me as strange about all this, was when I moved to France, I loved the ideals of protecting the herd, it sat well with me. It felt very french and very good.

Now it feels like it has become chacun pour soi and not just the mundane of not queueing, but risking so many people's lives, literally giving Covid the chance to mutate even more and maybe mean that the current vaccines no longer work........ no one can say that this will not happen!

So in this, I truly do not care for individual choice  I firmly

believe that that notion of the individual is putting everyone at risk especially as pfizer is so hard store and get out to people.  And the anti AZ propaganda has been ferocious.

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I think it a very sad reflection on life here in France, indeed the whole of the west, when we can behave like spoilt children and ask, no demand, that we have a vaccine of our choice.

I'm definitely no socialist and I am honest enough to admit that suffering in other parts of the world leaves me generally unmoved. But….. the way we moan and whinge about vaccines, civil rights etc. when half the world hasn't even got clean water to drink makes me feel embarrassed. Do people know how privileged we are?

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Those of us who watch the UK news AND the French news will know by now that the UK govt has been less than honest about the efficacy of the AZ and the problems that have arisen. Not only about the vaccine but also about the daily death figures, massaged to look better than they are ! Initially denying the blood clot problem at all, and now admitting that there have been a lot more; it was never tested on pregnant women, and now it's suspended for children. Not only that but for us older folks the AZ is less effective, as low as 60%. So is it any surprise that certain of us want a more effective solution? I certainly don't want to avoid Covid only to be killed off by a blood clot.

But, as I said before, it's great to have a choice. Why is that "demanding" ?
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"The UK has been less than honest about the AstraZeneca vaccine."

. Really? My good lady who is a retired Nurse went today for her Vaccination in France, during the discussion with the doctor pre jab, the doctor was telling her about the possible side effect of Phizer. During this discussion, the doctor offered the information that so far in Europe there have been 89 instances of bad side effects. Funny that Euro news and France 24 don't tell us this. When my wife asked why this was not publicised, the Doctor said it's down to money, Phizer is expensive so they want to keep any side effects quiet. So Sid carry on your propaganda with your eyes and ears shut..
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I should be surprised by the naivety of some people but I'm not. Usually it is a political stance that guides their opinion and not reality.

Do some people really believe that the AZ vaccine is the only vaccine to be suspected (not proven) of causing blood clots? Apparently so!! Biased and sensationalist media reporting allied to a political view is enough to convince them.

Have these same people not wondered why there has been no data released for blood clots in the general population that hasn't had AZ or any vaccine come to that?

Almost countless millions of AZ vaccine has been administered with huge success. Britain is on the verge of ending lockdown but still this isn't good enough for some. 19 deaths in the U.K. caused by blood clots which have not been attributed by scientists or doctors to the AZ vaccine but simply that they have been vaccinated is enough to send opponents of Boris Johnson and the producers of AZ vaccine into a paroxysm of delight it seems!

Friends I speak to back in the U.K. who are anti Boris are very quick to condemn him when something is controversial but even with this vaccine success they simply can't find it in themselves to say the government has done remarkably well.

My beliefs is that the U.K. has been most honest about the vaccine. and any side effects. The proof is in the pudding. Deaths from the virus in almost single figures and infections almost disappearing. Compare that to France, should anyone dare to!!

Sad that objectivity is just a word in the dictionary for some!!

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The possibility of dying from Covid is around ten times as high in France as in the UK, so those worried about slight negative statistics would be ten times safer moving there.

Also, the possibility of being killed while riding a motor cycle is probably many hundreds of times more likely than getting a fatal blood clot from a Covid jab, especially for older riders, who are probably less fit, less alert, and have slower reactions.

So I'm rather surprised that anyone who accepts such a high risk activity is worried about a routine vaccination.

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An extract from Wednesday's Washington Post. HERE

Norwegian officials were the first to report people dying after being

inoculated, saying in mid-January that 33 people age 75 and older had

died a short time after receiving the Covid vaccine developed by Pfizer

Inc. and BioNTech SE.
After a review, a committee of the World Health

Organization said that the fatalities were “in line with the expected,

all-cause mortality rates and causes of death in the sub-population of

frail, elderly individuals.” The committee concluded that the

risk-benefit balance of the vaccine “remains favorable in the elderly.”

The U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency reported

that, through March 21, there were 283 deaths shortly after injections

with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine,
421 after the AstraZeneca shot and

nine where the brand was unspecified. The deaths were mainly in elderly

people or those with underlying illness, and there’s no suggestion the

vaccines played a role, it said. However, that report preceded the

agency’s April analysis of blood clots after vaccinations, in which it

reported 19 deaths among 79 cases.

Germany’s medical regulatory body, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, said

after an investigation that the deaths of seven elderly people shortly

after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine
were probably due to the

patients’ underlying diseases.

In the U.S., which is using vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna Inc.

and Johnson & Johnson, the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention said that as of April 5, there were 2,794 reported deaths

among inoculated people, a rate of 0.002%, and no evidence suggests a


Authorities in Hong Kong, which has mostly deployed a vaccine from

China’s Sinovac Biotech Ltd., have reported six deaths among more than

150,000 people inoculated. None have been connected to vaccines.

Fortunately, for syd, he doesn't have to explain to the families of the above deceased that it was a good call to receive his vaccine of choice.

The world is still waiting for scientists to develop any vaccine that is 100% safe and effective for all recipients

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Well it's all about ADDING chances of dying AND looking at the percentage effectiveness (AZ is lower in older people) and in fact all the vaccines are less effective in older people.

If you are referring to me about motorcycling (because of my avatar) I have given up already, not because of the risk but because my back won't allow me.

This is not the place to start preaching what is safe and what isn't, more people "probably" get killed crossing the road, so maybe that's something to think about.

Older riders have the advantage of many more year's experience and tend to avoid the dangerous situations that younger riders haven't seen before.

Skydiving next ? If at first you don't succeed, don't try skydiving.

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And whilst I'm on my soapbox, I will not be convinced by any poster on here who looks up convenient articles to support his/her case. Only here for the argument ? Just as I don't listen to Boris who only wants to get everyone out and about again, the bearer of great news whilst avoiding taking the precautions that would really be effective. He thinks there won't be another surge? They think it's all over... well, it's not yet.

If there's a choice of vaccine then that's fine, each to his own, but please don't be evangelistic about it. We can all read thank you, and make our own conclusions.
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How we are at odds about this Sid. For the most part I am for individual choice, but those who are 'waiting' for their chosen jab etc, are putting everyone else at risk with the mutations, and to me that is morally bankrupt....... I cannot think of another way of putting it, as in this, personal choice simply reeks of recklessness.

Am I being evangelistic, is that what it is when all I WANT WITH ALL MY HEART everyone to be vaccinated and get rid of this awful thing.

Also, for those who wait, what of those poor souls and consequently their families who will have to care for covid patients if you catch it, putting their lives at risk, as if it has not been bad enough already for medical staff. 

I am pretty sure that anyone one who does take ill during their 'wait' will expect others to care for them and get them over it....... and to hell with the risks to the nurses and Doctors. 

How's about very simple terms..... it is not a common cold and the difference between taking a lemsip or a sachet of Fervex, IT IS KILLER COVID19.


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I have too say I'm torn between the argument of being forced to have the vaccine or not being forced.

I have had my first jab and await the 2nd. But would, or should I have been forced to be vaccinated, should anyone? I suppose my inclination is to say no, no one should be forced to be vaccinated and I do understand the argument about putting others at risk.

Flu, and I know it's not exactly the same thing, but I feel very strongly about people not being vaccinated against that! Just why should people infect me with that disease either. But should they be forced to have the vaccination, again my inclination is to say no, and of course they are not.

My view is that those who choose not to be vaccinated have to accommodate the view of those who have been vaccinated and , in effect, be ostracised from society. By that I mean the various institutions that govern our lives, airlines, transport, pubs, shops etc. should not , by law, be allowed to service those who refuse a vaccine and put others at risk.

I do believe that people should be able to refuse the vaccine but in doing so they must accept the rule of society. It is their choice and ours too!
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I spent a lot of my working life travelling and working in other countries. I had to have vaccinations or no work, mainly the insistence was the insurance companies covering crew insurance, sometimes it was the countries themselves that wanted us to have the jabs. Whatever, the choice was ours, having said that, I wouldn't have wanted to visit some places without vaccination. People have short memories, as children, we were given smallpox vaccinations, then polio and TB jabs, due to my job I always made sure that my tetanus was up to date, why wouldn't you?
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I'm still waiting, and waiting..
I would much prefer the Oxford AZ vax - because it's the cheapest, easiest to store - and I trust British science and medical teams.
I would not wish the pfizer or the moderna - both of which are more expensive, for profit for the big pharma.
The pfizer, moderna AND the j&j ALL have side effects, ALL have been, wrongly/rightly implicated in blod clot problems.
As mentioined above, there is very, very little publicity given to the adverse side-effects of the more expensive drugs, the with-profit drugs.  Wonder why ?
Don't forget that the eu has a financial interest in the pfizer drug....
The costs of all this will be borne by the tax payers, you, me, the little people - so if a drug is cheaper, and just as effective, that's the one I would choose, and will if possible..

With the botched eu approach to all this, and the spite that it has shown towards the UK, it seems the eu is now looking at the sputnik and the chinese vax (chinese for pity's sake...!!)

Those of who have been successful, with any of the vaccinations - congratulations - I am full of envy.
My daughter in the UK, in her 40s, has had her vax - and boy is she happy !!

I found myself smiling this afternoon; sat outside, enjoying the sunshine - and in the hedge close to the summer-house - I heard a nightingale warbling away.  The first of the season, during the day.

Life will improve, it will, it has to........


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Am I right to worry about this ?  I don't want to drive any great distance for the vax.  I hope that OH and I can have vax at same centre, at about the same time.   Were any of you worried about both of you having the vaccination at same time, and then having to drive some distance afterwards ?
What documents are you asked to provide when you visit the centre ?  We don't have our CdS (well I don't need one anyway), but is the CdS 'essential ?  Apart from the Carte Vitale that is.

And please keep letting us non-vaccinated group know how the system worked for you, and whether you had any side-effects.

I'm planning on taking a paracetomol immediately after the jab - that's the medical advice just to prevent any side-effects .

We'll see......at some time I hope .........

In the meantime, make the rest of us jealous !!!

And I can hear the nightingales singing away - happy days, and nights.
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Worrying or concerning yourself is perfectly natural; everyone does it. The two of us received our first vaccination at the same time and now wait for our second.

Absolutely no side affects, not even a sore arm. It was the AZ vaccine too and surprise surprise no Brin blood clots either!!!!

The media are responsible for this ridiculous hype and some politicians are using it in quite a disgusting fashion.

For what it's worth may advice is try not to concern yourself with side affects or even the delay in receiving the vaccine; The hype surround ing the effects is quite disgusting. Some people make hype out of a headache for heavens sake or a sore arm, do these people never , ever have a headache or some discomfort in their lives; or if they do do they rush of to the doctor and say 'I have a headache', It's ridiculous. Really, do try and stop worrying.
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Chessie - I posted how my first vaccine appointment at our local vaccination center went on the 55+ thread.  You cannot make an appointment for two people (at least not on the sites we used).  You mut make them one at a time.  When you are able to get a RDV, you are advised what type of vaccine(s) that particular location is giving.  Some have more than one choice and you can make your choice.  Some only offer one option.

Husband got his appointment for a specific day.  I walked with him to the vaccination center and I did ask if they could take me then too.  Of course, it was a no, each person  must have a confirmed appointment.  It just so happened that when I tried for an appointment (at the same center) the day after my husband got his shot, I snagged a RDV - for the following day.  So back I went for my own shot.

You must keep trying frequently throughout each day and at multiple vaccination centers.  That is how we eventually got our appointments.  We received the Moderna vaccine.  That was all this center was giving.  We go back the first week of May for our second vaccine.

Here is the post from the 55+ thread that I made.

It was all very organized where we

went.  I did not ask if the people we encountered were volunteers. 

There were Gendarmes controlling the entry to the parking lot of the

building (this included pedestrians, like us in addition to those

arriving in vehicles).

Then, there was another

man at the entry door to the building who was confirming your name with

his appointment list.  Hand sanitizer required for entry.  From there

you are pointed to the secretary who again confirms your name/no.

portable, birth date to what she has on file.  She asks for your carte

vitale and your Titre de Sejour.  Once all confirmed (about 1 minute),

she give you a piece of paper, returns your cards and points you to an

aisle to wait. 

I go there and stand for

about 1 minute, then a young woman sanitizes the chair in front of her

cubicle desk and calls me over.  I sit down, she takes the form I was

given and begins to ask me the questions on the form.  She writes down

my answers.  The one about 'are you or could you be pregnant' gave us

both a good laugh.  As she said, its on the form I am obliged to ask


Form completed, questions about what

medications I take, then told to move to the right where another seat is

being sanitized for me.  This is where the nurse and doctor person

are.  Doctor asks to see my prescription, asks about my health and any

allergies.  Nurse prepares dose and asks if I am right handed or left

handed..  droitier I am, so in the left arm goes the dose.  Felt

nothing.  Told nurse, who seemed pleased.


given instructions about  what to do if I had any severe reactions and

what most people were experiencing.  Told to wait in the final distanced

chair waiting area for 15 minutes.  After which time, if feeling fine,

could leave.

So, that's how it went for me.

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I hear so much about the difference in price between the AZ and the Pfizer or the Moderna.  Well, that's because the vaccines are different (who'd have guessed) and are made and work in different ways.

 The French call the Pfizer and the Moderna ARN messengers and the AZ and J&J virus vecteurs.

If you want to understand the differences more, here is an explanation:


The Pfizer required a completely innovative process of manufacture and new "machinery" and expertise to make and the AZ scientists used and adapted existing manufacturing processes (also imaginative and innovatory).

I am not talking about the politics here and I am certainly not qualified to say which type of vaccine is better.  Just that it's unfair to bang on about the difference in price, etc etc without going into it a little more in detail.

I have read that the Pfizer one is also made and distributed without profit and Pfizer itself has said they would never do this again as the vax has cost them billions.  I am not too bothered about people making money because after all, without money very little can be done for anybody.  Poorer countries than western economies would understand this totally.  I think that for some of the poorest peoples in the world, a full tummy is more of an everyday reality than what sort of jab they get in their arms, if any.

Edit:  sorry, my link was not clickable, an oversight on my part, have now made it "live"

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Please don't worry about whch vaccine, it is better to be vaccinated than worry about side effects which are minimal for all but a few people.  I had a slightly sore arm, much like the flu jab for my first Pfizer injection.  My second is this afternoon, so I will let you know about that later.  I got a cancellation and was prepared to travel to it, my second I managed to get an appointment locally. 

My husband refuses to travel for it, so I have added him to the pharmacy list and will ask at the centre this afternoon .. they keep getting 2nds appointments, but so far none for the first.  In spite of the vaunted arrival of millions of doses, they are not arriving here!  They keep opening new centres, which might have a few days supply if you can grab them fast enough, and then don't supply the old ones!

As for arrangements.  They only wanted my Carte Vitale.  The doctor wanted my medical prescription, if you don't have any regular meds, just say, and I had a doctor's letter which she disregarded (I was under the then age, but doctor recommended I get the Pfizer vaccine due to my cancer treatment).

Each centre might well do it differently.  I currently have no CdS, gave in the old ones at our rdv at the prefec, and still waiting the new ones arrival.  And last week I sent off my passport for renewal ... beginning to worry that it's got lost .. as heard nothing more since then .. I do have a French driving licence though which will have to serve for now.

Stay calm and continue to enjoy the bird song!

ADDENDUM:  New CdS arrived in this morning's post.  I can breathe again, contains all that the passport contains and more, including address, so with luck I have an ID doc again!.  And I look nice on it too!!  Phew!!

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Thanks everyone - interesting and reasurring advice.  Think it's the second moderna jab which can cause increased side-effects (at least that's what seems to be reported anyway).

Mint - sorry I have to correct you about the pfizer;  I have seen a video of the pfizer CEO talking about the billions in profit to be made from continuing use of their vaccine.  It is the British Oxford AZ that was and is being supplied on a cost-only basis.  Which for those poorer countries is surely the most humanitarian approach - and that is the Oxford one.  It also doesn't need to be stored at low temperatures which makes it perfect for those countries.

It's lovely to have 'on the ground' reports of how everyone is finding it possible, or otherwise, to get the vaccine, how the centres are run - and side-effects.
And the comments about the media are spot on.  

I'm hoping to see swallows in the next few days; they usually turn up shortly after the nightingales.  (Sorry, nothing to do with vax but a sign that we still have some things to look forward to !!)

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Chessie, swallows, yes, they are here and the cuckoo's been here for a few weeks now.  I LOVE the cuckoo though I know it's not a nice or welcome bird if you yourself are a bird!

Every year, I tell myself I must have some money in my pocket in case I hear a cuckoo but I never do have money when I am out and about walking.  I am, of course, referring to the French belief that if you have money on you when you hear the first cuckoo, then you will have money for the rest of the year.  Maybe if I paid more attention and made sure to carry some cash, my financial state might well improve?[:D]

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