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Paper Pass Sanitaire


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As we don't own a smart phone I printed a Pass Sanitaire for each of us on July 1st.

I just accessed the Ameli site to print duplicate copies, and noticed that the QR codes are different from those on the previous printouts.

Checking a few minutes later, the QR codes have changed again.

Does anyone know if this means the printouts have a limited validity, or does accessing the site to print a pass invalidate the previous one printed?

If we go out for a meal or a drink, or to a centre commercial I don't want to carry passes that are no use.

I'm beginning to understand why people are demonstrating against the passes. Accurate information about them is sparse, incomplete, and difficult to find.

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I think that the demonstrations are politically motivated with the two extreme making mischief before the Presidential elections in just over 8 months.

I can't speak for the paper attestation as I  have mine on my tablet with the TousAntiCovid App, but I know that was updated on the 31st July.

In purely practical terms I think that most people will be looking at the written information on the form, since all the QR code does is to reproduce the same details if you scan it.

If in doubt come and visit my local where I have been asked to check the passes of anybody who isn't a known regular...


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Nomoss, I shall be putting this to the test on Tuesday.  When I was out walking with friends today, OH took a message from the hospital to remind me to be sure to have my pass sanitaire when I go for my RV.

What I would like to confirm is, what if I didn't have a pass?  I thought they have emphasised that the absence of a pass sanitaire should not prevent anyone from receiving health care?[8-)]  Or is that just a sop to the demonstrators?

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Required except for les Urgences


Sauf en cas d’urgence, aux services et établissements de santé, sociaux et médico sociaux,

pour les seules personnes accompagnant ou rendant visite aux personnes

accueillies dans ces services et établissements ainsi que pour celles

qui y sont accueillies pour des soins programmés ;

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On what grounds?
One can have been vaccinated or show the result of a recent negative test if you choose to do something inessential such as  having a drink in a café, but will be accepted at les Urgences without either, and will be treated for the disease despite not having taken precautions to avoid it.

The very least that can be expected of someone going in to Hospital for a routine procedure is to show that one is not going to  be a danger to other patients.

People accept that they may have to show a driving licence if stopped by the Police  a passport if they wish to board a plane or an ID card if they want to cash a cheque.

I can't see that this Pass is any more destructive of personal liberty than any of those.

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Don't get me wrong, I have NO objection for myself.  In fact, I have no truck whatsoever with les soignants who do not want to be vaccinated and, as you know, I have openly expressed my admiration for the government's courage and commonsense to make the jabs obligatory for certain groups and to get the pass up and running.

I expressed myself badly; I merely meant that if these demonstrators and others feel a compulsion that is disagreeable to them, they are merely expressing their opposition.  Sometimes I feel that it is like dealing with children; there is little to be gained by reasoned argument, not because the child is "naughty", but because it is incapable of understanding.  I suppose I was simply seeing the other side of the debate and after all NOBODY likes being compelled. 
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quote NormanH edited quote... I think that most people will be looking at the written information on the form, since all the QR code does is to reproduce the same details if you scan it.

Norman, I tried scanning mine and it's unreadable. Are you saying that my name and d.o.b. should be there? It looks as though it must be encoded (or mine is corrupt!)
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If my QR code is scanned it simply reproduces the same document on the phone of the person scanning it with exactly  the same information, just as if it were making a photocopy
You see name and DOB on the left
the details of the vaccine and how many shots, plus the date of the last one on the RH side

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Thanks Norman, I'll have to investigate further. I have a paper "pass sanitaire" and I don't want the tousanticovid app on my phone for several reasons, so I've scanned the paper version and stored that on my phone in .pdf format (but I also carry the paper version in the pocket of the phone's protective case).

If I scan the paper QR code (the one top right labelled Certificat COVID numérique UE) I don't get anything readable, just a string of characters.

I'll download a fresh pass-sanitaire from AMELI and try again. I'll report back.
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Fresh document downloaded, it has a different QR code, but when scanned it produces the same result, a string of seemingly random characters, nothing readable.

So the next question is, what are you using to scan yours ?

I'm using a general purpose QR/barcode scan app. I'm wondering if it has to be scanned with the tousanticovid app because the QR code is itself encoded ?
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I think I've answered my own question, the QR code has to be scanned with the tousanticovid app !

Incidentally in reply to Woolly the Ameli site now only shows availability of an attestation vaccination which turns out now to be the EU pass, whereas previously there was a separate attestation showing the dates and vaccine type but is redundant really now.

EDIT the version for females shows only the maiden name which isn't shown on passports.
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Yes, mine only shows my maiden name.  However, my maiden name is on both my passport and my Titre de Séjour.  My Passe Sanitaire also shows my birth date, which vaccine I was given and the injection date of the 2nd vaccine.

I did use the Anti-Covid app on my phone. 

Also printed a paper Passe from Ameli.

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We have now received our UK NHS Covid Pass Letters, as we received our vaccinations in the UK as temporary visitors.  We do not have an NHS login.

Yesterday I thought that I read on here that I could load the TousAntiCovid app to my smartphone, and then load the UK paper details to the TousAntiCovid app by scanning the QR code and thus get a pass in French on my phone, and that it only took two minutes.  Unfortunately I cannot find it today.

I wonder if anybody could advise how to do this in easy 1 2 3 steps for a smartphone idiot as I have borrowed this one and have no idea how to use it.  I would be very grateful for yor advice.

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We do not seem to be able to scan our NHS Covid Pass letters into the TousAntiCovid app.

Unfortunately our NHS Pass Letters do not have a QR code on the right.

There is a bar code at the top left of the letters, underneath that there is a very very small square box which looks like a QR code but which does not scan into the TousAntiCovid app.  Then under that on the left is the UK address, underneath the address is an oblong box looking like a QR code which does not scan, alongside that still on the left is another very small box that does not scan.

We tried to scan the bar code into the ToutAntiCovid app but without success.

We are French residents and we received our vaccination in the UK while visiting the UK so we do not have an NHS app.  We only have the NHS letters which do not seem to have a QR code.  The GP surgery and the vaccination centre in UK are not responding to our messages.

We would be very grateful for any help. 
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This was Garden Girls very helpful post on another thread:

Norman, I’m sure that somebody could put it better than me, but I’ve put

it as though they know nothing about it - which was me when I installed

mine. So if they are good at such things, they can just ignore most of


They will each need to have their vaccination proof on the NHS app

on their phones, the app they can use for ordering prescriptions,

looking up test results etc, not the Covid app that we’ve used on QR

codes when entering shops, restaurants etc.

After opening the app, they’ll see their NHS Covid pass, with a

section for domestic use and one below it for travel, which they’ll

need, of course. They’ll see their record and details of their Covid


If they haven’t been in to look at them before, they’ll see an

expiry date, which threw me at first, but it automatically refreshes

whenever it’s opened - mine is now showing that it expires on 5th

September, having just opened it up.

Then they need to install the TousAntiCovid app - mine is through

apple. Then they follow the instructions to load their NHS proof into

the health pass/wallet - I loaded mine several weeks ago and can’t

remember the instructions, but it was straightforward - and I’m not very

technically-able at all.

The TAC app will show their health pass and tap ‘open my wallet’ to

show their and their vaccination details and on full screen it will

show their enlarged QR code

They can also send for a paper certificate if they wish.

I hope that this is of help.

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Thank you for that very helpful post Norman, unfortunately we do not have NHS Apps where we can download a digital pass.  We have tried to set up an NHS App but as we are not on the UK Health System we are not on the NHS computer.  When in the UK we have to ask the GP surgery to manually forwar repeat prescriptions.

Therefore we only have the NHS Covid Pass letter which does not have a QR code printed on it, so we cannot find a way to enter this letter into the TousAntiCovid app.

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