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Do we rent our place on a 3 month let?


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Hi All,

We are hoping to sell our place in Lot et Garronne this year (or at least put it on the market), and we have a friend of a friend (from the UK) who is interested in buying, but would like to rent for a few months before making a decision.

In principle this is ok with us, but I'm wondering what the legal implications are - can this be done on a kind of extended holiday let arrangement, and if so how are household bills covered etc?

If anybody has any experience of a similar situation we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Many thanks


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All doom and gloom

Where has all the trust in the world gone. If this is a friend of a friend, how well are they known to you? We have had several longer lets we treated as "holiday" lets. No problems. We read meters they paid us the readings and other bills, then we paid them.

All went well. One is even coming back next year.

Yes i know it happens, but don't let 1 apple spoil the bag. You never now, he may just buy it.

Good luck

what is it Del boy says "He who dares wins"
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