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Wow - a sexy iMac!!

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LAST EDITED ON 25-Dec-03 AT 11:41 AM (GMT)

I am now the proud owner of a sexy iMac and have relegated my old Time computer, bugs and all, to its cardboard box where it should have stayed.......!

But.........can I use my old scanner and printer with it? The connections are different!

And.........have reinstalled AOL but it's much slower than on the old pc and it wasn't very fast then! Is it because it's Christmas? And where is the forward delete key?

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From the sounds of it, no you can't use your printer and scanner on your new machine - Mac's run on fire wire and USB only, but from the sounds of it your scanner and printer used a parralel or serial port, thus making them incompatible with a mac. You might be able to use a USB cord on both your scanner and printer, my adive woould be to consult the manula for both. As for AOL, it's not known for being overly mac-freindly, and it's probably got something to do with the christmas "boost" - this time of year and the next few weeks are when the net get's some of it's biggest loads.

I don't wish to be rude, but if your thinking about flogging the Time machine I might be interested

I envy your mac - I got a compressor :| - merry christmas,

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hey, i've got one too. what colour is yours? - mines green with a matching printer. seriously though, i love it - it 's about 4 years old now (so its probably very out of date) and we brought it over from england. thinking of lashing out on a scanner to photocopy all those documents you need for the all the paperwork over here!! well thats my excuse - really i would like to scan all our old photos and play about with them generally. do you have a scanner and would you recommend it? although i spend about 2 hours a day on it, i feel i'm a novice. perhaps we could exchange tips!!
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