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First, apologies if these questions have already been covered: I am a new user and although I have searched I could not readily see the answer.
We have fairly recently bought a "maison secondaire" and equipped same, amongst other things buying in France a TV, digibox and satellite dish. Dish we think is correctly installed -by handy husband with aid of a meter. But we seem to receive almost exclusively German channels.
We would like to receive French channels (analogue reception very poor) and also ideally some British ones. I have read and am thoroughly confused by the correspondence re Sky boxes and FTV cards....do the latter work in a French digibox?...don't want a subscription to anything as not permanently resident.
Can anyone please steer us in the right direction?
many thanks
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LAST EDITED ON 25-Jan-04 AT 02:11 PM (GMT)

Sounds like you have tuned into Astra 1 at 19.something east of south instead of Astra 2 at 28. something east of south.Your box when tuned into the correct sattelite will give you BBC1 BBC2 BBC3 and some shopping channels You cannot put a sky card or a free to view card into it you will not get any french channels on this sattelite
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As Jean says you have probably tuned to Astra1 where there are few UK channels. There are some French ones there but they are nearly all pay channels.

The main UK ones are on Astra2 and most of them are pay too. See this link http://www.frenchentree.com/fe-techcorner/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=434

If you don't want to pay for French channels in digital you can get them for free in analogue, from yet another satellite.
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