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Hi all

I would like to use webcams to keep in touch with our two daughters when we finally make the move to France. They are both on Broadband but as yet I dont know what our village is using.
Anybody any suggestions ? we would obviously like sound and video, I plan to use Microsoft Messenger.


John (not Sue)
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LAST EDITED ON 12-Feb-04 AT 09:41 AM (GMT)

We use the instant message service either provided by our ISP aol or Hotmail. Both of these have the ability to use audio although you do sometimes get a few seconds delay depending on factors various. We have not as yet used video but I note that places like Darty and some supermarkets sell cameras for less than 100 and I imagine that you can get them in the UK at places like Comet and PC World. We have received video and sound from someone in the UK but the pictures were, whilst good, quite a bit jerky. We are not yet on broad band maybe that is why..............John in Dept 79
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