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Renting out rooms in our house and Taxe d'Habitation

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I am finding it difficult to get my head round this one!

We are considering renting out some furnished rooms in our house and I seem to remember that there was a ceiling below which one didn't have to declare the rental if it was the only residence of the tenant.  Is this still the case, and what, if so, is the ceiling figure?

How do we go about sorting out taxe d'habitation?  I was under the impression that this is something that the tenant must arrange as it partly hinges on their income.  But it seems that some landlords have a charge that covers it...is this correct - and is it legal?  Advice on the best way forward would be very helpful.  If our rooms are rented out, would we receive some rebate on our taxe d'hab?  (not on the Fonciere, I know), if the tenant pays his share direct?

Some-one out there, please help!

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Are you just renting out the room and sharing the bathroom/kitchen facilities between you and perhaps importantly the same front door? If so then is colocatairage.

If it is a self contained studio or apartment then it is location meublée.

In the first instance the taxe d'habitation would be your responsibility, in the second that of the locataire assuming that it is registered as a seperate dwelling.

There is also the third case of location meublée de tourisme or saisonniere. And I seem to recall another regime for letting a bedroom to a student

You will need to decide which regime you will fall under to find an answer to your question, sorry if it is more to get your head around.

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Right - thanks.

It's the same front door, but not sharing kitchen or bathroom.  But it's not registered as a separate dwelling (it's the top floor of our house).  Not students.  We have been paying the tax on it for the last 8 years as we've only had family and friends here for holidays.

 I know about the rules for tourist and saisonniere rental, and the provisions if you live in a ZRR (we do). 

So it looks rather muddy waters and I guess I'd better head off to my Impots chap (who wears a cardigan and slippers in the office) and get chapter and verse.

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