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Long Term Rented Required


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We are looking for a long term rental from July or August for approx 1 year. We are looking for a secluded property with a lake or access to a river for carp fishing OR with fishing fairly locally. We need 2 or 3 bedrooms with log burner and garden. We will not be working since I have a private income from the UK and will be living there whilst we wait for divorce monies to be sorted out!

The area is not too important - apart from the fact that we must have access to an airport flying to Stansted since my partner has a small child in the UK.

We want to ultimately purchase a fishing business (fishing lakes or gites with a fishing lake) and would be happy to look at exisiting businesses with a view to lease with an option to buy when my cash comes through.

Please contact me should you have any suitable properties.

Many thanks

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