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Digibox wanted

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Could anyone who knows where I can get a reasonably priced Sky digibox from please pm me. Mine mysteriously decided to give up the ghost, just before I was about to sit down and watch the concluding part of Waking the Dead on Monday night. I wouldn't mind but I don't normally watch anything but CBeebies. Perhaps I should stick to Bob the Builder from now on.


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Before you do anything drastic! Have you unhooked the cables and reconnected them from the wall and also the set? Then tried to see if the thing is really dead?

If this doesn't work - check the outlet. And then consider a new digibox. There are tons of individuals offering boxes at horrendous prices.

Where are you located? We may be able to connect you with a very decent and honest person who sells the boxes inexpensively.

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If you only watch the free-to-air channels anyway  (bbc1,2,3,4 cbbies, News24 all the radio channels etc. etc) then why go to the hassle of getting another sky box? Any of the numerique boxes available in your nearest bricco will serve the purpose.



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