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ADSL help please

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I've just been upgraded from Numeris ISDN to ADSL 2028m with a wanadoo livebox. I have noticed a reasonable increase in speed (this site still remains slower than most!) but wanted to know if there is an easy way to check the speed as I am paying extra for the 2028 meg connectionn as opposed to 1024.

When I click on the icon connection on my toolbar it says vitesse is 54,0 Mbits/s although a second comuter upstairs connected by cable to the livebox gives a figure of 100,0 Mbits/s. The main computer I use downstairs is connected by the Wifi usb connection supplied with the livebox.

Any help from you tecchies or anyone in a similar situation would be appreciated,





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What you are seeing is your network speed. 54 mb/s is the 802.11g wifi standard speed, while 100mb/s is a common speed for wired networks. Your internet connection is 'only' 2 mb/s, so is well within these parameters. To check your connection got to :


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