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Tenant not paying rent


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Own an apartment in France. Tenant has not paid rent since August 2010. Says he can no longer afford to pay. Cannot leave the apartment either as needs 3 months deposit for a new apartment - can't afford that either. Our Insurance company has written to him and next step is a bailiff (Hussier). Has anyone had a similar problem and what was the outcome? Thanks.
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It really depends on the renters situation.  Has he lost his job, change of income, if not then could he ever afford it in the first place?  If checks were done and he was able to pay then you need to know why he cant now. 

If he is owing lots of money 'all over town; then he may go for volutary bankruptcy, this has happened with one of my tenants and they have only just left the appartment, thankfully of their own choice as once they go for bankruptcy they are protected from expulsion for a fair amount of time whilst their affairs are looked at.  For me, even though this tenant owes me a lot of money I'm glad of course that they've gone, getting the back rent will be nigh on impossible though I would imagine as my tenant owes lots to lots of people.  The agency failed to find this out when she was taken on and I'm pursuing that angle but with french service I'm not holding out a great deal of hope. For me its a shrug and move on situation, anything else is pretty fruitless, eventually she will likely be told to pay me a small amount per month toward her debt but even that may not happen as the courts can simply wipe the debt if they so choose.

I would keep on top of it as much as possible, make sure the hussier does go around and keep after the agents etc.  They are all too happy to let things slide and the longer this situation continues the worse it gets, if you had acted on the 3 months not being paid you would be in a much better position and could have had them out by now.  Same goes for me so Im not preaching here!


Yes of course Wooly is right, they have played it rather too well!

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