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Thought I saw it on here but can't find it with a search.

Anyone using phonexpat to make their calls. It seems pretty cheap at 0.03€ per min and the Lebanese chap I spoke with sat their office seemed OK in his speel. Just thought before we leave our current server for UK calls I would ask the forum and hopefully get your opinions first.



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Two services have been mentioned here recently, Skype and Telerabais, these appear to be the cheapest but both have drawbacks.

From memory:

Skype costs 1.7cts plus vat per minute, has to be paid in advance and operates through the internet via your pc.

Telerabais is 1.8cts inc tva off peak and 3.3cts inc tva peak (FT local rates), but you have to dial 0811 65 31 31 then the UK number. It is billed with your FT bill, 9cts minimum call charge. Phone expat have a 12cts connection charge then 3.1cts, inc tva.

You will find links in postings made within the last three months in this section of the board.

Telesoldes are also worth a look with a headline rate of 1ct to the UK, also Free.fr do a 29.9€ ASDL package with free local & national calls, an extra line and 3cts to UK which is an excellent package when your current internet contract expires.
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Hi Miki

I have been using phoneexpat.com ifor a few months now - no problems and it is chaeper than FT.

Iif you are recommended by someone who is already a subscriber you and the person recommending can get 240 minutes free calls each e.g to UK. 

I haven't seen anyone cheaper with no catches but if you do find one please let me know.


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Thanks to both of you for replying.

I have spoken with a chap who is on expat.com and he said they are very helpful, so we might put the private line only over to them and see what happens. We will leave the commercial line for the moment, just in cae of any hiccups. The price of Local and National calles in France are also much cheaper. The chap in Paris even sent me by email, the correctly written letter for cancelling my current French company used for UK calls !

I have seen one or two other similar operators who are in line (slightly cheaper but only by a miniscule amount) with expat but overall they seem less hassle than those, so.....................




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Read this thread with interest. I tried to do a search which covered the past 6 months but I was unable to find another mention to 'phoneexpat.com'. Tried a search on Google also but nothing. CAn anyone let me know how to find out more on this?

MAny thanks in advance.


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