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Mr Coeur de Lion

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My tenant is moving out in the next month or so and I'm trying to sell my property.

Ideally I'd like a new tenant until the property sells.

One immobilier has told me that although a new lease for a new tenant must be for 3 years, if I sell my house in that time, the tenant must vacate.

Another immobilier has told me the exact opposite.

Which one do I believe?
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Surely that depends on the terms of the lease?

Furnished leases usually have a clause such as 'the tenant has to leave if the owner needs the property or sells it'

I haven't read unfurnished leases , but it must be possible to find one with a similar clause or have one drawn up

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By law an unfurnished lease must be for three years.

There is one exception.

If  it's been your main residence, and you need to let it for a specific reason, perhaps because you are working elsewhere, then you can specify a set period.

This period must be at least 12 months.

Two months prior to the specified date, you must confirm that the reason will be happening and you need vacant possession.

You can make one extension to this arrangement, if for example your return is delayed.

If you need to extend a second time, then it becomes a normal three year lease.

For example see.....





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