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E-mailing scanned photos

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Everyone else seems to send/receive the most marvellous photos by email.  When I scan something in at, say, 600dpi, A4 size, and put it in my photosuite prog, I can then "convert to web format" but when I send it off to people the quality is poor and they can't read any writing (such as newspaper print). 

Any help for this non-techie thicko much appreciated!

Chrissie (81) 

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Good grief, A4 at 600dpi ?! You will find that many people won't even be able to receive a file that large, let alone want to spend non-broadband time downloading it.

Rather than have a long technical explanation here, go to www.scantips.com - an excellent site which explains all you ever needed to know about scanning, file types, compression, and getting smaller file sizes without sacrificing quality.



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Thanks for all the replies.  I am using Outlook Express and I did save as a jpg and sent that to one friend but it took ages to send, even with Broadband (she hasn't replied yet, so probably it's still clogging her computer....).  I liked the website which explains things in nice one-syllable words.  Will now try to rescan at 100dpi, to a smaller size, and then save as either a jpg or even a gif!  I'll get there.   I also like the ofoto idea, by the way, and will try that for batches of photos.

Thanks again



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