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Ok stop laughing!   I am sure I read/listened to a programe about being able to send a FAX from a computer. Need to sent one but when I visited the local Fax point this a.m  the line was busy( a large teaching hospital) Is there a way I can do this late at night via my computer. Any answers appreciated in nice gantle idiot proof frormat please! Mrs O
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Also, another option may be:

If you have Windoze XP (certainly Pro version but I think Home version has it as well), you can install a Fax Printer driver. This will allow you to use your modem as a fax machine. For incoming faxes it is not as convenient (as who answers, you, an answerphone or your modem, etc.).

You just create your document in e.g. Word or whatever then print it and select the “Fax” as the print device. The Fax Printer driver will then pop-up a dialog asking you about destination fax number, message of the front coversheet, who its to (you can send to several people if you want), etc. it queues it, retries on busy/failure, etc., etc. just as a fax machine.

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